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New tour: Panama - Harpy Eagle Special!

Harpy Eagle

Harpy Eagle

We have received exciting news from our friends at the Canopy Tower in Panama.  A nesting pair of Harpy Eagles, one of the largest eagles in the world, has recently been located near to the Canopy Camp in the Darién Gap”. This majestic predator is on the wish-list of most birders, and once a nest is found, the birds can reliably be seen for a considerable period of time as the parents regularly visit the nest in the early stages and then the fledged juvenile remains close to the nest for up to a year!

Only rarely do opportunities like this come around. A pair of Harpy Eagles usually only raise one chick every few years, and once they choose a nest site the primary egg is incubated for about 56 days. After another 36 days, the chick starts awkwardly standing and walking. At about 6 months of age the chick will fledge, but is still fed by its parents for a further 6-10 months and becomes more visible as it perches in or close to the nesting tree. This means the chances of seeing this impressive bird are very high during 2017!

The national bird of Panama, and among the largest eagles in the world it is similar in weight to the Philippine Eagle and Steller’s Sea Eagle, but the Harpy has a more compact wingspan, perfect for navigating the sprawling tropical forests to which it is confined. Apex predators at the top of the food chain, Harpy Eagles prey primarily on tree-dwelling mammals, which research has shown to be about 79% sloths and 11.6% monkeys. Monkeys that are commonly preyed upon include Saki, Capuchin, Howler, Squirrel, Titi, and Spider Monkeys. Smaller monkeys, such as Marmosets and Tamarins, seem to be ignored by the great Harpy Eagle. Why not join us by booking now to secure yourself a great chance of seeing this incredible bird!
We have launched a brand new tour for this rare opportunity and the birds will also be present on our “Birding the Darién Gap” holiday in September.

Panama – Harpy Eagle Special!
Dates: Sun 16th Apr – Sun 23rd Apr 2017
Cost: £2,395

Panama - Birding the Darién Gap
Dates: Sat 23rd Sep – Sun 1st Oct 2017
Cost: £2,795

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