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Our professionally organised, dedicated small group butterfly holidays range widely across the world – and make a direct contribution to butterfly conservation.

Butterfly Watching Holidays

Who can fail to be delighted by butterflies – the intensity and variety of their colours, their delicate beauty and fascinating life cycles. Our tours allow butterfly watching enthusiasts to observe marvellous species all around the world. Sadly, butterflies are in decline in many regions; to help prevent the loss of these beautiful creatures, our butterfly holidays make a direct contribution to their conservation.

Our butterfly specialist recommends …

I’d recommend ‘Butterflies of South Africa’. On this butterfly holiday we look for butterflies in the Wajkkerstrom (montane grassland), which supports a wonderful diversity of species. Closer to home I’d suggest our ‘Butterflies of Hungary ’ tour, or ‘Butterflies of Croatia’ for unspoilt landscapes and a density of butterfly life rarely seen in western Europe now. - Tom Brereton


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Marbled Fritillary (Ian Small)Turquoise Blue (Ian Small)Male Spider - Philaeus Chrysops (Robert Godden)Southern Festoon (Robert Godden)Tamil Lacewing (Brian Goodey)White Orange-tip (Brian Goodey)Sigiriya (Brian Goodey)Prominent Oraesia (Brian Goodey)Niobe Fritillary (Tony Daniels)Naturetrek clients on Causse Noir (Peter Dunn)Scarce Swallowtail (Peter Dunn)Przewalski Horses (Peter Dunn)Small Orange Acraea (Derek Brown)Purple-crested Turaco (Derek Brown)Window Acraea (Derek Brown)Window Acraea (Derek Brown)


Why choose one of Naturetrek’s butterfly tours?

  • We offer an excellent range of dedicated butterfly holidays
  • All tours are led by a Naturetrek butterfly watching expert
  • Although butterflies are the main focus of our butterfly tours, we also take time to observe other wildlife
  • By booking one of our dedicated butterfly holidays you will automatically be making a contribution to their conservation

Naturetrek’s dedicated butterfly tours:

Although we include butterfly watching in many of our holidays, we offer a wide selection of dedicated butterfly tours, including:

Naturetrek & Butterfly Conservation

As a top category ‘Purple Emperor’ corporate sponsor of Butterfly Conservation (BC), we donate £1,000 annually to the charity. As well as this, we donate 10% of all income generated by our annual programme of butterfly tours that we run in partnership with BC, and give BC membership to all non-members joining the tours.

But we offer so much more!  

View all of our butterfly tours or call us now on +44 1962 733051 to find out more.


My Naturetrek holiday was absolutely superb. My thanks go to Terry who is an excellent leader, very friendly and amazingly patient!
Good leaders. Terry was fun and made for a relaxing trip. Excellent locations with fabulous scenery and interesting wildlife. Not too much driving. A good group of fellow travellers. First hotel had a fabulous area at the back which was probably the best butterfly location of the trip.
Rob McKenzie & Leon Marais were knowledgeable, far sighted (showing us things we would have missed), good company and excellent chefs. We saw and amazing amount of game in the first week at Kruger with almost too many highlights to mention but a pack of wild dogs, a procession of ostriches crossing the road and being investigated by a band of dwarf mongoose was amongst them. The second week did not disappoint either as we were able to identify many of the beautiful butterflies including 5 different Emporers. Highlights have to be the Gaudy Commodore and the Paradise Skipper – both beautiful to see. We were shown a range of differing habitats where each yielded new species. Overall, this trip had everything for the generalist – mammals, birds and butterflies and vegetation so it was impossible not to be excited.