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New wildlife holidays with Naturetrek
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New Tours

We are constantly adding to our portfolio of wildlife holidays to offer you an even greater choice of wildlife experiences.

New Wildlife Holidays

We know there’s too much great wildlife across the globe to ever see in one lifetime … but we like trying to offer you as much of it as we can, which is why we are constantly coming up with new ideas for wildlife holidays in the UK and abroad.

Our specialist recommends..

In Europe I’d suggest our new short break in Finland to enjoy the vast taiga forests, spending two nights in a specially constructed Wolverine-watching hide. Our ‘Honduras – The Lodge at Pico Bonito’ holiday offers a relaxing one centre, 9-day birdwatching tour with 420+ species found around the hotel. - David Mills 


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Accommodation, Habre's NestBathroom facilites at Habre's NestReading corner at Habre's NestView across the valley from Habre's NestSunset at Habre's NestView from Habre's NestStriated CaracaraRuddy-headed GooseMagellanic SnipeMacaroni Penguin (Rob Mileto)King Penguin ChicksRockhopper PenguinsJapanese Cranes (Dani Free)Japanese Cranes (Dani Free)Blakiston’s Fish Owl (Dani Free)Steller's Sea Eagle (Dani Free)Steller's Sea Eagle (Dani Free)Steller's Sea Eagle (Dani Free)

Naturetrek new wildlife holidays

More choice, more places …

Our expert naturalist staff and tour leaders enjoy coming up with new destination and wildlife holiday ideas each year, and this year we’ve already introduced almost 30 new holidays to our existing programme of about 340 tours. If you want to find out about new Naturetrek tours, this is a good place to check first, along with our monthly e-newsletter and regular (paper) Newsletter.

What can I expect from Naturetrek’s new wildlife tours?

  • New tours within existing destinations – such as our three new tours to Sweden, and our new Sri Lanka holiday
  • Combination tours – in Spain we combine learning Spanish & wildlife watching in the Palencian Mountains and birds & wines in Navarra, while in Iceland we go in search of the Northern Lights & Gyrfalcons
  • More tours in direct response to demand from you, such as offering you a wider choice of UK holidays, or more departures of existing trips
  • More holidays within a theme or to see particular species, such as short-haul whale watching trips to Madeira & Norway, as well as more short breaks


The Falkland Islands

Overall, a brilliant holiday. The local guide, Alan Henry, was excellent and of course had lots of in depth knowledge of the best places to take us to. I fell in love with the Rockhopper Penguins!
Thank you for the marvellous trip to the Falklands. The expectations were very high, the realisation excelled them. Will was the perfect guide. Thanks again.

West Midlands
The Falkland Islands

Service from Naturetrek office - very efficient and helpful. (Leader was) helpful, caring and attentive. This was a very enjoyable holiday, a wonderful experience to be able to watch wildlife at such close quarters.