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We operate a variety of tours to both of the Polar regions in search of the unique wildlife.

Naturetrek polar holidays

The poles are special. Bathed in endless light and pale blue skies during summer, plunged into constant darkness during the winter, the contrasts in scenery, light and wildlife at the poles compared with the rest of the planet are stark. Still visited by only the lucky few, the Arctic and Antarctic have for centuries held an irresistible magnetism for explorers.

Our polar regions specialist recommends...

The Arctic and Antarctic are like nowhere else on the planet – and once you’ve been, you will be hooked (I was!). Spitsbergen is the ultimate Arctic destination and, in my opinion, the best place to look for Polar Bears! Our 11-day Spitsbergen - Realm of the Polar Bear tour has never failed to find this iconic arctic wanderer, and offers a spectacular supporting cast of Walrus, dramatic scenery and huge seabird colonies. You can then follow Spitsbergen with a cruise around Greenland’s Disko Bay, one of the few remaining haunts of the rare Bowhead Whale and edged by some of the largest glaciers in the world. If you’re looking for a short break, or a taste of the Arctic, try one of our Bear-watching or owl-focused holidays in Finland or Sweden.
Paul Stanbury
Naturetrek Tour Manager

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Long-tailed Skua (Jari Peltomaki)Ruff (Jari Peltomaki)Lapland Bunting  (Jari Peltomaki)Dotterel (Jari Peltomaki)Polar Bear in Hornsund (Bret Charman)Hornsund (Bret Charman)A Zodiac cruise in Hornsund (Bret Charman)Polar Bear (Paul Stanbury)Lapland Bunting (Hans Falklind)Great Snipe (Hans Falklind)Great Snipe (Magnus Martinsson)Gyr Falcon (Tomas Lundquist)Tundra Lake, Nr Aasiaat, West Greenland (Tim Melling)Ptarmigan male, Disko Island (Tim Melling)Ptarmigan female, Disko Island (Tim Melling)Iceberg, Greenland (Paul Stanbury)
Why choose Naturetreks polar expeditions?

For the wildlife enthusiast, and the adventurous-spirited, the polar regions have a bewitching appeal and well-deserved reputation as one of the worlds top wildlife destinations. Naturetrek polar expeditions are special in that we usually charter the whole ship (30 - 80 berth) and operate our polar holidays as dedicated wildlife cruises, focusing solely on the regions wildlife and visiting the very best wildlife sites.  All our polar holidays are also accompanied by the expert naturalist guides.

Here are some of the reasons why Naturetreks polar holidays are so successful:

  • Our cruises focus solely on the Arctic and Antarctics spectacular wildlife
  • We only charter small ships ranging in size from 30 - 80 berths
  • All operate at the best time of year for wildlife
  • Flexible itineraries to ensure the best wildlife sightings
  • We use a team of hand-picked & experienced expedition staff
  • Led by naturalist guides with expert knowledge of the polar regions
  • We offer a wide range of tours both above and below the arctic circle
  • Cruises include daily zodiac excursions, accompanied by naturalist guides
  • Daily briefings & recaps held


What might I see on a Naturetrek polar holiday?

  • Look for Polar Bears, Walrus, Arctic Fox & seals in Spitsbergen
  • Musk Oxen in upland Norway
  • See the Northern Lights, spectacular fjords & snowy mountains
  • Glaciers, icebergs, pack-ice, taiga forests and Arctic tundra
  • Experience 24-hour daylight
  • Bowhead, Humpback, Beluga, Fin & Sperm Whales
  • Little Auks, Grey Phalaropes, Ivory Gull & Long-tailed Skua in Spitsbergen
  • Steller’s & King Eiders, Gyr Falcon in Arctic Norway
  • Penguins, albatrosses & huge seabird colonies in the Sub-Antarctic Islands
  • Bears, wolves & owls in sub-arctic Finland, Sweden & Norway
  • Colourful tundra flora
  • Experience native Inuit & Sami cultures

View all of our Polar Expeditions or call us now on +44 1962 733051 to find out more.


This was an excellent trip thanks to the commitment and expertise of Rini, the Expedition Leader and the Captain and crew of the Proff. Molcanov. They worked very hard to make the most of every opportunity enabling us to experience as much as possible. The Naturetrek leader, Paul, was efficient, pleasant and helped everything to run smoothly. We were also very lucky to have Adam, the geologist, with us and Chris the historian - both added greatly to the trip...I cannot fault the trip in anyway - it was one of the best ever.

R.McC. & S.McC.
Spitsbergen - Realm of the Polar Bear

It was a unique and amazing experience in every way and we both feel privileged to have had the opportunity of exploring this very special part of our planet.
The Ortelius crew were quite outstanding in every aspect. The meals were excellent. Zodiac trips were expertly managed. Very high level of commitment from all concerned. We particularly appreciated the lecture programmes by the on-board experts.