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Tiger travel expert Naturetrek has over 20 years’ experience leading Tiger holidays to the Indian subcontinent, with 100% sightings on top tours.


The Tiger is arguably the most iconic species on the planet. It is a symbol of natural perfection and at the top of many people’s wildlife wish list. Naturetrek is a Tiger travel expert, with over 20 years’ experience leading Tiger safaris in the subcontinent and the widest range of tours available.

Our tiger travel specialist recommends …

"Our ‘Just Tigers!’ tour has enjoyed unrivalled Tiger viewing success over the past 20 years. It includes a visit to the Taj Mahal and 14 game drives!... and we haven’t failed to see Tigers yet! Our new ‘Tiger Direct!’ tour is having similar success, and has the advantage of less travel."

Rajan Jolly
Naturetrek Tour Manager

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Why choose Naturetrek’s Tiger tours?

As the foremost operator of natural history tours in India, Naturetrek has a long and proud tradition of enabling clients to enjoy the very best wildlife viewing in the subcontinent. Over the years, many hundreds of our Tiger safari members have experienced the ultimate wildlife thrill of encountering wild Tigers in their natural environment.

Here are some of the reasons our Tiger tours are so successful:

  • 100% sightings on our four top Tiger safaris in the last five years
  • Small groups escorted by India’s best naturalist guides
  • Up-to-date information from Tiger reserves
  • Scrupulous attention to detail in choosing a high standard of accommodation
  • Superb local guides who monitor Tiger movements daily to get us the best sightings

What can I expect on typical Naturetrek Tiger holidays?

  • A comfortable lodge within a convenient distance from the reserve
  • Twice daily excursions by vehicle into the reserve
  • Elephant-back rides to look for Tigers in some reserves
  • A focus on finding and observing Tigers, while also enjoying other wildlife and culture
  • The security of a small group


Naturetrek has teamed up with leading conservation organisations to offer Tiger holidays which make a direct contribution to saving these magnificent wild cats.

But we offer so much more! 

View all of our Tiger tours or call us now on +44 1962 733051 to find out more.


One thing that struck me most about the holiday was that everything was taken care of. There was no occasion during the entire trip where I felt anything could go wrong, or that something had been forgotten. From being met at the airport to being dropped off again at the end of the trip, I didn’t have to worry about anything. And the pre-departure information, and the support from Rajan Jolly in answering my questions and helping me to tailor my travel arrangements, was excellent. I felt very well-prepared. The skills of our tour leaders and of our dedicated drivers meant we had as good a chance as you can possibly get to see wild animals. We saw glimpses of, and heard tigers every day, and the rest of the time was spent enjoying the reserve and seeing a wide variety of species. On the final day our guides and driver worked their magic and managed to get us first in the queue for the elephants, so we had fabulous close-up views of a resting tiger. Later in the day we were perfectly positioned when two tigers crossed a field right in front of us. Our tour leaders had the patience of saints. They were so polite and considerate. I’m sure we wouldn’t have minded being told to be quiet, or to adjust our behaviour, to make it easier for the guides. Sometimes we got carried away chatting and laughing; as a first-timer to group travel I couldn’t have been with a nicer set of people. It was great fun. And care had obviously been taken to ensure that, as a single female traveller, I felt secure in terms of accommodation and company…Overall, I had an absolutely wonderful trip, and would thoroughly recommend Bandhavgarh and Naturetrek. Thank you.
The travel arrangements ran very smoothly even when the trains were late or the road closed, Dilip had a second plan that ensured the itinerary was not interrupted. The accommodation was good. I liked the difference in the two accommodations in that one was more traditional with very good ‘more Indian’ food and second more luxurious, with more activities on offer and the food Indian with a touch of more international style food I would say. Both were very food. Dilip was an excellent tour leader. It really helped that he handled all the tips etc. for us so we didn’t have to worry as to who to pay and how much all the time. He made life easy for us and he is very knowledgeable on birds, and tried to educate the rest of our group who were all keen to see the Tiger/Sloth Bear etc. more than the birds.

Just Tigers!

Both leaders were good but Kaustubh Mulay was the best leader I think I have ever travelled with. Both guides were professional, knowledgeable and keen to share their knowledge with all the tour members and very caring and concerned that everyone on the trip got the most out of the holiday. But what made them exceptional was that Yousef and Kaustubh were caring, concerned where necessary, approachable and inclusive, without dominating the group and with a good sense of humour they made the trip wonderful.