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Wildlife holidys in Armenia
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Wildlife holidays in Armenia

Tell me about Armenia …

Armenia is a small Christian country, about the size of Wales, situated at the meeting point between Europe and Asia. It is a land-locked country, formerly a Soviet Republic, nestling in the snow-capped Caucasian Mountains, overlooked by Mount Ararat just over the border in Turkey.

Its capital, Yerevan, bustles with a lively juxtaposition of old churches and a thriving jazz scene, while at weekends the huge and atmospheric ‘vernissage’ open-air flea market attracts locals and tourists.

It has a rich cultural history – 13th century bridges, ‘caravanserais’ (stopovers for traders plying the silk route in the 14th century) and many interesting Armenian Orthodox monasteries, some dating back as far as the 9th century, all serve as reminders of Armenia’s long history and strategic location.

Our Armenia specialist recommends..

"Why not try our ‘Bargain Birdwatching tours’, ‘Armenia in Spring’ and ‘Armenia - Spring Birds & Flowers’ to get a taste of this country’s fantastic fauna and flora."

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What’s special about its wildlife?

Despite its small size, Armenia is home to over two-thirds of Europe’s regularly occurring bird species, including many that are rare or difficult to see elsewhere.

Armenia boasts a very diverse flora, which reflects the country’s position between Asia and Europe.

Naturetrek offers two 9-day tours to Armenia: a bargain bird watching trip, and also a bird watching and botanical holiday amid the mountains of Armenia.

What might I see on the bargain bird watching tour?

  • Birds such as Caucasian Black Grouse & Caspian Snowcock in the high mountains
  • Alpine species including White-winged Snowfinch & Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush, plus a wide range of other species at lower altitudes & in wetland habitats including White-throated Robin, White-tailed Lapwing, Glossy Ibis, Armenian Gull & Blue-cheeked Bee-eater

What might I see on the ‘Armenia – Spring Birds & Flowers’ holiday?

  • We’ll visit mountains, wetlands & woodlands in search of a wide range of birds, including Horned Lark, Radde’s Accentor, Upcher’s Warbler, Red-breasted Flycatcher & Green Warbler
  • We’ll look for a wide variety of wild flowers, such as Fritillaria caucasica & Orchis stevenii plus real rarities inclduing Salvia grossheimii & Gladiolus cappadoccia


Paul Harmes and Hasmik Ter Voskanyan were excellent guides and worked well for our team. All the travel arrangements went well. The accommodation was very satisfactory and we greatly enjoyed the locations chosen for us.
The expertise and easy manner of both UK and local leader made the trip a complete delight. Armenia is an astounding location for a whole range of wildlife and the surrounding landscape, heritage, culture and cuisine adds amazing richness - a venue worth developing further!
I particularly enjoyed the botany with Paul as our botanist. He found some delightful treasures for us. I also enjoyed the dinners at local restaurants, especially the last one.