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Wildlife holidays in France with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in France

Whats special about the habitats & wildlife?

Our range of holidays in France focuses on the outstanding wildlife habitats that are still found in the country. In particular we focus on France’s spectacular mountain ranges – the Pyrenees and Alps, and other outstanding upland areas like the Cevennes and Auvergne, which are all exceptionally rich in plants, birds, mammals and butterflies.

France’s mountains and upland regions provide fine walking opportunities, although we always move at a pace slow enough to enjoy all aspects of the natural world!

France’s lowlands also provide some very special habitats. The Camargue is Europe’s best known wetland while Normandy offers a varied tapestry of coastal habitats and gently rolling hills rich in wild flowers and butterflies.

Our France specialist recommends...

"If you are not a fan of flying I would recommend our ‘France – The Vercors (by train)’ tour where we go in search of birds, plants, mammals and butterflies. For an introduction to European birding then I would recommend our ‘Camargue in Spring’ birdwatching holiday."

Andy Tucker
Operations Manager

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Naturetrek tours to France

Naturetrek offers a whole range of wildlife holidays and natural history tours to France. Our list of tours includes:

  • Bird watching in the Champagne Lakes focusing on Common Cranes & woodpeckers
  • Bird watching in the Camargue
  • An exploration of the flowers, birds & butterflies in the Lot Valley, La Brenne, the Vercors, the Dordogne, Normandy, the Cevennes, the Loire Valley & the Pyrenees
  • A tour combining Cathar history with birds, butterflies & wild flowers of the coastal wetlands, limestone garrigue & Pyrenean foothills in south-west France

Anything else?

Wherever you choose to travel with Naturetrek, you will enjoy the best of Frances birds, plants and butterflies in the company of our expert naturalist guides.

Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy all this in comfort and on a full stomach, for the characterful and friendly family-run hotels that we choose for our holidays offer both comfort and fine local cuisine.

The quality of the Naturetrek picnic lunch in France is legendary!

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Hotel Bellier was excellent - comfortable, immaculate with kindly service, and excellent food. The daily itinerary gave an excellent idea of the environment and, despite poor weather for the second half of the week, we did well on plant and birds species. My particular interest has always been in orchids and they were stunningly good.


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France - The Vercors (by train)

I thoroughly enjoyed this holiday - Paul Harmes and Alan Miller were terrific leaders - hugely knowledgeable and endlessly patient. Apart from the first two days, we didn't have particularly good weather but they were not put out and simply adjusted their itinerary. As in the UK the season was particularly late. Paul and Alan were undaunted and with great enthusiasm found us some spectacular views, plants and birds. I don't think I'll ever forget the sight of so many orchids in meadows and verging on 60 plus griffin vultures soaring above the cliffs.
It was the perfect holiday for me. Stunning scenery. Why do more people not know about this area? The hotel gave us coffee and fresh croissant at 3am! Family run as you said. The leaders were absolutely excellent. They complemented one another ideally. One quiet and one less so. Their driving was perfect despite many hairpin bends. Their knowledge of the area, the terrain, the botanical sites and the ice creams was amazing. Paul is a very good botanist. The train was good - as you said - a chance to get to know fellow travellers.