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Wildlife holidays in Jordan with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in Jordan

Tell me about Jordan …

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a relatively small Muslim country situated in the Near East at the head of the Gulf of Aqaba.

Jordan has some of the most varied and impressive scenery in the Middle East, including the breathtakingly beautiful Wadi Rum.

Jordan is a place of cultural fascination, rich in sites of archaeological interest such as Petra.

Our Jordan specialist recommends...

"Our ‘Jordan – Birds & Archeology’ tour goes in search of some specialist mountain birds and migrants in some spectacular settings. On top of that we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the country’s most famous landmark, Petra."

Andy Tucker
Operations Manager

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Whats special about its bird life?

Despite neighbouring Israels huge popularity with European birdwatchers, Jordan has, illogically, remained almost completely neglected. Yet the wildlife opportunities in Jordan are outstanding –its bird life in particular.

  • The ornithological appeal of this little known country derives from its position at the juncture of three land masses – Europe, Africa & the Middle East – and the diversity of its avifauna reflects this
  • In spring the countrys resident birds are joined by European & west Asian migrants arriving from their African winter quarters

Naturetrek tours to Jordan

Naturetreks natural history tours to Jordan combine the best of the countrys bird life, dramatic landscapes and famous archaeological sites.

An insight into the countrys varied rock types – limestones, multicoloured sandstones and basalts – add to our appreciation of Jordans scenery and wildlife.

What birds can I see?

  • We enjoy the heavy annual migration of birds in the region
  • The specialist birds of the regions varied desert landscapes, such as the elusive larks, whose pale plumages can make them almost invisible against their arid, sandy habitats
  • Temmincks Horned lark, Arabian Babbler, Sinai Rosefinch, Desert Finch, Sooty Falcon & Tristrams Serin are among the special birds well go in search of
  • Migrants such as Collared Flycatcher & Thrush Nightingale are possible


Nice variety of hotels from posh to wonderful views to the charmingly eccentric! Birdwatching content excellent.


One of the best holidays I have ever had! The variety of the itinerary from bird watching to history and from camping to 5-star hotel was mentally stimulating and exciting, and make the holiday seem longer... The Jordanian tour guide was excellent. The fact that Jordan is under-birdwatched/recorded gave the holiday an element of exploration - we felt that we were contributing to the knowledge of Jordans wildlife. The combination of history and birdwatching satisfied my two main hobbies! Thank you and Richard for an excellent and memorable holiday.


The trip was excellent and the leader did a brilliant job of keeping everything to schedule.