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Wildlife Holidays to Lesbos
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Wildlife holidays in Lesbos

Tell me about Lesbos …

Lesbos lies in the Aegean Sea, just a few kilometres from the coast of Turkey.

Third largest of the Greek islands, it has a rugged mountainous interior and a magnificent coastline which has largely escaped the ravages of mass tourism.

A major source of revenue for the island is the production of high quality olive oil.

Our Lesbos specialist recommends...

"Our ‘Lesbos’ tour is a relaxing 8-day birdwatching holiday to this beautiful Greek island. This is one of the best places in Europe to see the spring migrants. It is definitely a worthy short-haul destination."

David Phillips
Operations Manager


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What’s special about the wildlife?

The island is perfectly situated as a stopover for migrant birds heading north from Africa, and there are few better places in Europe to observe the ebb and flow of spring migration. Lesbos also boasts an impressive list of breeding bird species.

Naturetrek Tour to Lesbos

We offer a 10-day bird watching holiday to this beautiful Greek island, regarded by many as one of the best places in Europe to observe spring migration.

What birds might I see?

  • We’ll inspect pools, marshes and saltpans around Skalla Kallonis for passage migrants such as herons, waders & terns
  • Kruper’s Nuthatch & Cinereous Bunting are two of the rarer breeding birds we’ll look for
  • Black-winged Stilts, Collared Pratincoles, Long-legged Buzzard & Masked Shrikes are a few of the species we may find
  • We’ll also hope to add some vagrants, many of Central Asian origin, to our lists: Lanner, Spur-winged Plover, Great Snipe & Citrine Wagtail have been seen in recent years



As a birding holiday where the aim was to see new species (26 in my case) and a range of species (ca. 140), this was highly successful. Added to that were good food and beautiful scenery, in addition to good weather. On an island that was full of birdwatchers, it was particularly appreciated that the leaders were able to take us to remote locations where we were often the only group present. The itinerary was tailored so as to maximise the number of species seen. Opportunities to eat in local tavernas, thus sampling a bit of Greek culture, were appreciated, as were (coincidental) visits to historical religious sites. Overall, this was a very enjoyable birding holiday.

Lesbos in Autumn

The organisational skills of Chris Murphy, our tour leader, were superb. His enthusiasm was impressive. Reg Thorpe was equally knowledgeable and very helpful.

Lesbos in Autumn

This was my first Naturetrek holiday. My wife and I fancied a pre-winter break with walking, scenery and species interest in a new location. We got it! Reg Thorpe was all go from the crack of dawn until just before sunset - once or twice the sun was setting as we returned to base. His organisation, competence and knowledge of subject were first class. Two things are essential in such a trip; enthusiasm (about the subject - birds) and knowledge of the subject. Reg never missed a moment of the day. His very keen eye coupled with his experience of Lesbos gave us 100% of what we had come to see. I saw a number of species for the first time.