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Wildlife holidays in the Galapagos Islands with Naturetrek
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Galapagos Islands

Wildlife holidays in the Galapagos Islands

Our Galapagos Islands specialist recommends...

‘If you have the time and budget then a 14 night/15 cruise is the way to go for any keen naturalist/photographer, especially since the Galapagos National Park streamlined and improved the boat itineraries, minimising criss-crossing and wasted time. There’s never been a better time to visit. A Galapagos cruise really is a unique experience – expect to be enthralled by the approachable wildlife, varied walks and islands and high quality snorkelling in clear (if slightly chilly!) seas. Add the Amazon extension to Sacha Lodge for a completely different dimension to your holiday in Ecuador.’

Andy Tucker
Operations Manager

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Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands

We had a fantastic time with both Juan and Gustavo being excellent guides. Very informative and friendly.
Food was superb and fresh fruit juices of many flavours. As a confident swimmer I loved the snorkelling every day and swimming with Turtles, Sharks and Sea Lions. Our guide David Paez was extremely good. He explained the programme for each day and had a summary on a whiteboard for us to refer to all day. He is very knowledgeable but doesn't tell you too much. Walks were organised to avoid other groups as much as possible and at certain points we were given time to do our own thing, stand and stare, watch animal behaviour. We never felt rushed which was lovely. They were also cunningly arranged to avoid the heat of the day. Both hotels in Quito were good. We particularly liked the Garden Hotel, Puembo. Trips in Quito were good. Ours to Otovalo was flexible and we went to a leather goods village as well, which was wonderful. The restaurant on this trip was lovely and very characterful.
The holiday was great value for money. How such good food can be cooked in a little galley is beyond us. The crew were just fantastic and nice people too. All the guides and drivers were good. We have no complaints at all about this trip.