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Room share options for tours from March 2017 to April 2018

Gemsbok, Namaqualand, South Africa

Gemsbok, Namaqualand, South Africa

A number of regular Naturetrek clients prefer us to match them up with same-sex room companions on tour in order to avoid the single room supplements imposed on us by accommodation providers. Although our Tour Calendar highlights where existing room share opportunities lie, this new monthly e-news feature brings together all current room share vacancies in one handy list.

March 2017

Female share available
Southern Morocco (30th March)
Spring in North Cyprus (31st March)

Male share available
Baja California & Sea of Cortez (23rd March)
India - Tiger Direct! (26th March)

April 2017

Female share available
Puglia in Spring (15th April)

Male share available
Spain – The Best of Coto Doñana in Spring (3rd April)
Poland’s Primeval Forests (28th April)
The Czech Republic – Spring Birding in Bohemia (29th April)

May 2017

Female share available
Romania’s Danube Delta & Carpathian Mountains (6th May)
Great Whales of the Azores – São Miguel (6th May)
Austria's Steppes & Wetlands (10th May)
Isles of Scilly (10th May)
Ardnamurchan – Wild Scotland in Spring (20th May)
Sweden's Upland Birds (24th May)
Finland – Just Brown Bears! (25th May)
Sweden - Spring Birds & Flowers of Oland (28th May)

Male share available
Bhutan’s Bumthang Valley (2nd May)
Bulgaria in Spring (5th May)
Estonia in Spring (6th May)
Spain’s Coto Doñana & Extremadura (6th May)
Poland in Spring (14th May)

June 2017

Female share available
Northumberland & the Farne Islands (6th June)
Romania – The Wildlife of Transylvania (10th June)
The Best of Dorset’s Wildlife (27th June)
Finland – Just Brown Bears! (29th June)

Male share available
Romania - The Wildlife of Transylvania (3rd June)
Bulgaria’s Dragonflies (20th June)

July 2017

Female share available
France - Butterflies in Normandy (6th July)
Sri Lanka’s Mammals (7th July)

Male share available
Dragonflies & Birds of the Camargue (5th July)

August 2017
Female share available
Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands (7th & 9th August)
South Africa - The Cape & Kalahari (27th August)
Male share available
Whales & Dolphins of the Azores (29th August)

September 2017

Female Share Available
Wolf-watching in Spain (10th September)
Wild Peru – The Best of Manu (14th September)
Canada: The West (15th September)
Mount Kinabalu & the Rainforests of Borneo (17th September)
Bali to Komodo – In Search of the Dragon! (18th September)
Learn Spanish in the Pyrenees (24th September)
Ardnamurchan - The Red Deer Rut (29th September)

Male Share Available
Hungary’s Bats, Other Mammals & Wildlife (5th September)
Madagascar’s Endemic Flora (16th September)
Bali to Komodo – In Search of the Dragon! (18th September)
Australia’s Mammals (19th September)
Spirit Bears, Grizzlies & Humpbacks – Cruising the Great Bear Rainforest (20th September)
Autumn Birding in Southern Portugal (21st September)
Madagascar’s Lemurs (23rd September)

October 2017

Female share available
South America's Big Cats (8th October)
Autumn in Hungary (11th October)
Wolf-watching in Spain (23rd October)

Male share available
Wolf-watching in Spain (8th October)
South Africa – Just Cats! (23rd October)

November 2017

Female share available
India – Tiger Marathon (2nd November)
India - Tiger Direct! (5th November)
India – Assam, Darjeeling & Bhutan (5th November)
Go Slow … in Tiger Country (12th November)
Sri Lanka - Blue Whales & Leopards (18th November)

Male share available
Kenya’s Masai Mara (3rd November)
Colombia – Multicoloured Tanager Tour (9th November)
Ecuador – The Andes & Amazon (11th November)
Ghana – Picathartes (12th November)
January 2018
Male share available
Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands – Deluxe (24th January) 
February 2018
Male share available
Ladakh – A Snow Leopard Quest (15th February)