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Ethiopia's Endemic Birds

Tour Code: ETH03

A 10-day tour in search of highland Ethiopia's endemic birds, visiting Awash National Park, the Bale Mountains, the Rift Valley Lakes and Debre Libanos Gorge.

10 days from £2295(inc flights) Land Only Price: £1895 SRS: £350

A 10-day birdwatching tour in search of endemic birds in Ethiopia’s highlands and Rift Valley

Ethiopia is one of the most fascinating and spectacular countries in Africa. It boasts over 30 endemic birds amongst a bird list of around 850 species. The principal aim of this holiday is to observe a significant number of these endemics as we explore the dramatic uplands of the Solulta Plains and Debre Libanos Gorge, the Rift Valley Lakes, Wondo Guenet Forest, and the magnificent Bale Mountains where over 15 of these endemic birds occur, including the graceful Spot-breasted Plover and the confiding Rouget's Rail. Although primarily a birdwatching tour, several endemic mammals will also be encountered including Gelada Baboon, Mountain Nyala and the charismatic Ethiopian Wolf.

  • Large bird list, including many of Ethiopia's endemics
  • Endemic mammals: Ethiopian Wolf, Mountain Nyala & Gelada Baboon
  • Superlative and dramatic landscapes
  • Debre Libanos Gorge & Bale Mountains
  • Rift Valley Lakes & Wondo Guenet Forest
  • Unique flora
  • Ethiopian culture
  • Expertly guided by a British or Ethiopian ornithologist


All food is included in the price. Restaurant food is basic but adequate. There is usually a mix of western food or traditional Ethiopian food available.


Simple tourist lodges

Rouget's Rail (Nick Searle)

Rouget's Rail (Nick Searle)

Outline Itinerary Download

Day 1 Fly Addis Ababa

Day 2/3 Awash National Park

Day 4 Lake Langano

Day 5/6 Goba; Bale Mountains

Day 7 Lake Awassa and Wondo Genet

Day 8 Addis Ababa

Day 9 Debre Libanos Gorge & The Soluta Plains

Day 10 Fly London

Ethiopia is a fascinating and welcoming country. The climate is warm and comfortable all year round and the bird life is exceptional. The scenery is stunning, there are masses of lakes surrounded by mountainous peaks, dusty valleys dotted with acacia trees and pretty little thatched huts surrounding well kept villages. The people of this country are proud and happy and for the most part self sufficient. Ethiopia provides its own power (from the many lakes!), grows its own crops and keeps very many cattle. The pretty traditionally robed ponies and their riders seen along the moorlands, plus donkeys carrying their mixed cargo all round the country, provide an interesting cultural backdrop to a week of sensational birdwatching. There is no shortage of culture and history, and many fascinating sites can be added onto your holiday if you would like to extend your time to explore this fascinating country.

Rougets Rail (Nick Scarle)Wattled Ibis (Nick Scarle)White-cheeked Turaco (Nick Scarle)Mountain Nyala (Nick Scarle)Nubian Woodpecker (Nick Scarle)Nile Crocodile (Nick Scarle)Montane Nightjar (Nick Scarle)Greyish Eagle Owl (Nick Scarle)African Fish Eagle (Nick Scarle)Crowned Eagle (Nick Scarle)Cape Eagle Owl (Nick Scarle)Buff-crested Bustard (Nick Scarle)Abyssinian Roller (Nick Scarle)Black-winged Lovebird (Nick Scarle)Broad-billed Roller (Nick Scarle)Augur Buzzard (Nick Scarle)Hotel United Africa, Awassa (Dani Free)
South Lanarkshire
Very knowledgeable guide. A good itinerary which worked well with our small group.
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The leader, Merid, was exceptionally good. He sometimes went out of his way to give us desired species, for example Hamadryas Baboon.
Good range of species and variety of habitats.
All in all an excellent tour - one of the best I've been on. Thanks especially to Abiy for his outstanding leadership.
East Sussex
It was the trip of a lifetime, absolutely wonderful.
The birdwatching was excellent with lots of new birds seen. We enjoyed visiting the fish market! Abiy was delightful, always polite and informative with a ready smile. Knew his birds too!! The driver was also very pleasant.
West Sussex
It was our first time on this type of holiday and we really enjoyed the experiences, that it was off the tourist trail, and we were able to see how the local people love and see the natural wildlife and environment.
Of the 29 endemics found in the area we visited we saw 28, so this was very impressive and we saw all of the 11 near endemics we were likely to see. Saw many great birds and mammals and made some good friends in the process.
Merid Gabremichael was a first rate guide. His knowledge of the wildlife and where to find it was outstanding.
The overall trip was an excellent insight into the birds and wildlife of Ethiopia, made special due to the skill and character of Merid, our leader.
The Ethiopian leader was an excellent birder who knew the area very well.
Cliff Waller was an excellent leader.
Our guide, Cliff, was very good. He kept the information coming.
Under Abiy's expert guidance the birding proved to be as varied and interesting as the landscape.
Mr & Mrs S
The guide Abiy and the driver were both excellent.
West Midlands
…overall an enjoyable trip and the local guides added that bit more with information about Ethiopia itself.
Under Abiy's expert guidance the birding proved to be as varied and interesting as the landscape.
Every effort was made to take us to areas where endemic species were likely to be seen. Overall we found Naturetreks organisation and value for money very good too and will more than likely travel with you again in the not too distant future.
An excellent trip, and we are very glad that we went.
We did find Ethiopia a fantastically beautiful country with stunning bird life and a fascinating culture.
South Yorkshire
Merid was very good and understood the importance of keeping the group together.
The birds were wonderful!
An excellent trip I would recommend to anyone.
Merids bird knowledge was good.
Overall very enjoyable and our local guide and driver were excellent.
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The bus driver and all the local staff were excellent, dealing with bad roads and starting early and finishing late. Days were used to the maximum.
West Sussex
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I very much enjoyed this tour.
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Fri 27th October 2017 - Sun 5th November 2017



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Very knowledgeable guide. A good itinerary which worked well with our small group.
N.D., South Lanarkshire