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Panama - Mammals of the Canopy Tower

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An 11-day, two-centre wildlife holiday to the rainforests of Soberanía National Park (based at the world-famous Canopy Tower) and El Valle in the foothills of Central Panama, in search of the exciting mammals and birds which live in the region.

11 days from £3395(inc flights) Land Only Price: £2795 SRS: £0

Panama is home to over 200 species of mammals and some of them, such as sloths, anteaters and tapirs will be well known to the Western naturalist. This holiday offers a chance to see these, as well as some that are less well known including Tayra, grisons, solenodons, and bats that make tents! We’ll be based for a week in the world-famous Canopy Tower at tree-top level, with 360° views over the canopy and a chance to observe many otherwise elusive canopy mammals. Mammal watching will be our main focus, but Panama also offers some of the best bird watching in Central America, including trogons, motmots and tanagers.

  • Howlers, capuchins, spider monkeys & Geoffroy’s Tamarin
  • Armadillos, 3 species of sloth, coatis, Silky Anteater & Agouti
  • Nocturnal mammals such as Western Night Monkey & Kinkajou
  • A wealth of canopy birds: jacamars, puffbirds, manakin leks & antbirds
  • Hummingbirds at feeders, including White-necked Jacobin & more
  • Visit to Barro Colorado Island & the Panama Canal
  • Neotropical reptiles, plus hear about conservation of the Golden Frog
  • Led by expert local naturalist guides


All included within the cost of the tour.


The Canopy Tower is a converted former radar and look out tower. See full tour itinerary for detailed information on accommodation.

Mantled-howler Monkey (David Tipling)

Mantled-howler Monkey (David Tipling)

Outline Itinerary Download

Day 1 In flight to Panama City; Canopy Tower

Day 2 Semaphore Hill & Ammo Pond

Day 3 Dawn ride down Semaphore Hill & Pipeline Road

Day 4 Barro Colorado Island

Day 5 Boat trip on Lake Gatun

Day 6 Metropolitan Natural Park

Day 7 San Lorenzo

Day 8/9 Canopy Lodge, El Valle de Anton

Day 10 El Valle/In flight

Day 11 London

Panama is well known for offering some of the best birdwatching in Central America, but it is also home to over 200 species of mammal — from sloths and anteaters, to tapirs and Kinkajous! On this new tour we’sll spend an entire week residing at tree-top level in the world famous Canopy Tower, an excellent vantage point for seeing a wide range of mammals, including Mantled Howler Monkey, Nine-banded Long-nosed Armadillo, White-nosed Coati, Silky Anteater, Agouti and White-faced Capuchins to name but a few. The main viewing deck offers superb 360? views over the canopy and the chance to observe exciting and otherwise elusive canopy species. Although mammal watching will be our focus, the surrounding rainforest offers some superb Neotropical birdwatching, including trogons, motmots, jacamars, puffbirds, manakins, antbirds and tanagers. Panama really is a naturalist’s paradise and all around us there are surprises in store: Tayras and grisons, soledons and opossums ? and bats that make tents!

Arboreal Anteater (Paul Gale)White-faced Capuchin (David Tipling)Meal at the lodgeSmooth-billed Ani (David Tipling)Three-toed Sloth (David Tipling)Collared Aracari (David Tipling)Mantled Howler Monkey (David Tipling)Geoffrey's Tamarin (David Tipling)Three-toed Sloth (David Tipling)Arboreal Anteater (Paul Gale)Harpy Eagle (David Tipling)Central American Agouti (David Tipling)Blue-crowned Motmot (David Tipling)Snowy-bellied Hummingbird (David Tipling)Bat feeding on Nectar (David Tipling)Palm Tanager (David Tipling)Panamanian Golden Frog (David Tipling)Flame-rumped Tanager (David Tipling)Canopy Lodge, El Valle Panama (David Tipling)Canopy Lodge Accommadtion (David Tipling)Soberania National Park (David Tipling)Back Vulture (Ian Talboys)Black and White Owl (Ian Talboys)Black-cheeked Woodpecker (Ian Talboys)Broad-billed Motmot (Ian Talboys)Cane Toad (Ian Talboys)Common Potoo (Ian Talboys)Crab-eating Racoon (Ian Talboys)Fishing on Chagres River (Ian Talboys)Geoffroys Tamarin Monkey (Ian Talboys)Great Tinamou (Ian Talboys)Green Heron on a log (Ian Talboys)Orange Nectar Feeding Bat (Ian Talboys)Orange-chinned Parakeet (Ian Talboys)Panama Canal lock (Ian Talboys)Panama City from Metropolitan Park(Ian Talboys)Purple Galinule (Ian Talboys)San Lorenzo National Park Fort (Ian Talboys)Soberania National Park (Ian Talboys)Soggy Three-toed Sloth (Ian Talboys)Squirrel Cuckoo (Ian Talboys)Stinkhorn (Ian Talboys)The Cracker Butterfly (Ian Talboys)The Group (Ian Talboys)Three-toed Sloth (Ian Talboys)Tour leaders (Ian Talboys)Tropical Kingbird (Ian Talboys)Two-toed Sloth (Ian Talboys)White-faced Capuchin Monkey (Ian Talboys)White-faced Capuchin Monkeys (Ian Talboys)Honey Creeper (Tarina Hill)Two-toed Sloth (Tarina Hill)Baby Spectacled Owl (Tarina Hill)Geoffroy's Tamarin (Tarina Hill)Striped Owl (Tarina Hill)Green Iguana (Tarina Hill)Rufous-tailed Hummingbird (Tarina Hill)Hummingbird (Tarina Hill)Keel-billed Toucan (Tarina Hill)Drink Stop (Tarina Hill)Mantled Howler Monkey (Tarina Hill)Western Night Monkey (Tarina Hill)Broad-billed Motmot (Tarina Hill)Black-mandibled Toucans (Tarina Hill)Panama City (Tarina Hill)Picnic lunch at Fort San Lorenzo (Tarina Hill)Panama Canal Railway (Tarina Hill)Spectacled Owls (Tarina Hill)Speeding along canal (Tarina Hill)Striated Heron (Tarina Hill)Summit Municipal Park (Tarina Hill)Young Brown Throated Three-toed Sloth (Tarina Hill)The Coast to Coast Train (Tarina Hill)Three-toed Sloth (Tarina Hill)Three-toed sloth (Tarina Hill)Tropical Screech-Owl (Tarina Hill)Unusual accommodation (Tarina Hill)The Panama canal (Tarina Hill)White-faced Capuchin (Tarina Hill)Woolly Opossum (Tarina Hill)Barred Antshrike (Ian Talboys)Blue Cotinga juvenile male (Ian Talboys)Geoffroy's Tamarin Monkey (Ian Talboys)Green Heron, Panama-Mammals of the Canopy Tower 04JUL2016, Ian TalboysGreen Iguana,  Panama-Mammals of the Canopy Tower 04JUL2016, Ian TalboysSpectacled Owl (Ian Talboys)Two-toed Sloth (Ian Talboys)White-faced Capuchin Monkey (Ian Talboys)
East Sussex
The leader was laid back and considerate of our needs and wishes and we saw wonderful things. I think taking time out one afternoon and sitting on the viewing platform at the Canopy with a sloth and a howler monkey dozing 20 feet away was wonderful.
Staying at the Canopy Tower was a great experience and the food is excellent. I liked the fact that we were based at the Canopy Lodge for a week. Since this is a full-on tour with lots of walking, to be constantly moving to another base would have been very tiring, I think. It also allows for the area to be explored properly and we also had great views of animals and birds from the observation deck. I liked the variety and inclusion of a visit to the Panama Canal locks. Alexis and Jen were both very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.
It was all very enjoyable. The Canopy Tower is basic accommodation, but staying in the Tower is excellent - the amazing views from the top of the Tower outside are wonderful. Colourful birds, also mammals, were very close, with the early morning sun lighting it all up.
This was a fantastic trip - couldn’t have been better! I enjoy these full itineraries which pack a lot in to the trip but still feel relaxed. Good to have some variety with a visit to the Panama Canal too. Everyone was very friendly and helpful and the country is beautiful with an amazing range of wildlife. The Canopy Tower was a very interesting place to stay and great for wildlife watching, with howler monkeys, toucans and sloths outside the windows. The Canopy Lodge was a nice bit of luxury for a couple of days at the end of the trip.
Mr & Mrs C
The Canopy Tower was excellent with great wildlife viewing opportunities, good food and friendly, helpful staff. We enjoyed our stay there very much.
Dr M.
This was a great holiday, only one half day with rain while we were out, and another while we were crossing Gatun Lake on the Canal transit. Surprisingly few mosquitoes. I thoroughly enjoyed the day at Barro Colorado Island, a reserve which I had known about for many years and never imagined that one day I would visit it.
Our leader Jose Soto was very friendly and helpful and excelelnt at spotting wildlife. We were very well looked after at all the places we stayed... The food was very good and plentiful. I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday.
Mr L.
On the final evening I asked the group what were their highs and lows of the trip - the answers were all highs and no lows. A superb trip with much diversity - i.e. the canal, its locks, the Panama Railway, the reserves visited and of course all the birds, mammals and bugs that wished to see us!
The Canopy Tower is a marvellous place to stay, we were woken in the morning to the wonderful sounds of the rainforest, Howler Monkeys, insects, birds, frogs. The first Sloth I saw in my life, was from one of the dining-room windows, just outside, in a tree, almost within reach! It was fantastic. One of many trips out was to see the Panama Canal, an amazing sight. We went on a motor-boat passing all different sorts of boats & huge ships with a lot of people waving to each other. The Panama information centre was very informative about its history. Jose Soto, our leader, was very good, kind and very knowledgeable with both birds & animals.
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Tue 8th May 2018 - Fri 18th May 2018



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Wed 4th July 2018 - Sat 14th July 2018



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Flights: Flights are included in the tour costMore info

Regional Departures: Regional Departures are available. Call 01962 733051 for detailsMore info

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The leader was laid back and considerate of our needs and wishes and we saw wonderful things. I think taking time out one afternoon and sitting on the viewing platform at the Canopy with a sloth and a howler monkey dozing 20 feet away was wonderful.
M.T., East Sussex