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Big Cats Holidays

We offer a number of specially designed big cat tours which will provide you with unique opportunities to observe these charismatic mammals.

Big Cat Tours

Big cats are among the world’s most admired and most sought-after mammals, and Naturetrek has the broadest and most comprehensive range of holidays in search of big cats. We offer holidays to watch all of the world’s most iconic cat species including: Tigers in India and Nepal, Jaguars in the Pantanal, Pumas in Chile and Snow Leopards in India, as well as safaris to see a superb variety of Africa’s cats such as Lions, Cheetah and Leopards. You can also look for Asiatic Lions in India, and Leopards in Sri Lanka on our tours. We do not neglect the smaller species of cat and we also offer dedicated short breaks which go in search of Wildcat and Iberian Lynx.

Our Big Cat Specialist Recommends

‘Naturetrek has been instrumental in designing, researching  and pioneering many of the big cat (and smaller cat!) tours on the market. Our dedicated Tiger watching tours have an unparalleled 100% success record with sightings, while if you want a holiday dedicated to looking for Jaguars, you can’t do any better than our ‘Brazil – Just Jaguars!’ tour. Our ‘South Africa – Just Cats!’ holiday offers a chance to see a wide variety of cats close to in stunning scenery.’ - Dan Free

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Jabiru (Gerald Broddelez)Vulture on dead Caiman (Gerald Broddelez)Vermillion Flycatcher (Steve Wray)Hyacinth Macaw (Steve Wray)Mottled Wood Owl, Pench National Park (Graham Cutts)Gaur (Dilan Manda)Tiger (Tony Yeomas)Grey-headed Woodpecker (Michael Haley)Rumbak Valley, Ladakh (Russell Scott)Ladakh Scenery (Raghu Kulkarni)Stupa in LadakhWoolly Hare, Ladakh (Russell Scott)Torres del Paine (Dani Free)Puma (Dani Free)Puma (Dani Free)Puma (Dani Free)Leopard (Leon Marais)White Rhino (Leon Marais)


This was a truly amazing holiday. I realised an ambition of 20 years to photograph leopards up close. The guides were superb and professional. Couldn’t have asked for better.

India - Tiger Direct!

A superb holiday; food, accommodation, experience and of course the wildlife sightings were fantastic. Great Tiger, Leopard, Wild Dog and Slot Bear sightings and fantastic birds. The parks were a delight to be in. Transfer from and to each venue was smooth and hassle free. Food was excellent, particularly Tadoba and Kanha. Accommodation was great, particularly Kanha (a beautiful place), and the service was great. Nick's attention to detail and general support was first class and his knowledge was outstanding, not just the wildlife, but his knowledge of India was immense. Park guides were generally great, and Vinod in Kanha was outstanding. His knowledge, communication skills and personality were brilliant. He enhanced every drive we had with him. Being in the Indian jungle and listening and reacting to the sounds and calls was a fantastic experience. We were particularly lucky to have the same interests and sense of humour in the group that were in our jeep so very pleased we were able to stay together for the whole tour. Sudeep on the final day also arranged for us to visit 3 temples in Tadoba which was excellent and made a perfect end to the trip. He was very attentive and knowledgeable, and went out of this way to accommodate us. Overall first class experience.

Brazil - Just Jaguars!

Trip leader, Paulo, extremely knowledgeable and passionate. Flotel accommodation surpassed all expectations. Nightly presentations from Paulo on the Flotel were very interesting and we all learnt something new.