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With over 30 years’ experience in operating wildlife cruises we have developed a superb selection.

Wildlife Cruise Holidays

The oceans are one of the last great wilderness areas left on our planet.  Travelling by sea on a nature cruise represents the best way to see many of the world’s wildlife spectacles, as there are still wildlife paradises that are accessible by sea but cannot yet be reached by air.

Our nature cruise specialist recommends …

If you love whales and dolphins I’d recommend our Baja & Sea of Cortez nature cruise. The world’s largest concentration of cetaceans is found here, but book early as this tour sells out fast. I’d also suggest ‘Spitsbergen – Realm of the Polar Bear’ for a spectacular combination of wildlife and scenery. -
Paul Stanbury
Operations Manager


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Marine Iguanas (John Willsher)Blue-footed Boobies (Jane Hodgson)Returning to the Cachalote (John Willsher)Blue-footed Boobies (Jennifer Nisbet)Frasers Dolphin (Charles Anderson)Komodo Dragon (Charles Anderson)Bali (Charles Anderson)Sangeang Volcano (Charles Anderson)Humpback Whale breaching (Paul Marshall)Blue Whale fluke (Paul Marshall)Smooth-tailed Mobula (Paul Marshall)Common Dolphins (Paul Marshall)Polar Bear in Hornsund (Bret Charman)Hornsund (Bret Charman)A Zodiac cruise in Hornsund (Bret Charman)Polar Bear (Paul Stanbury)

Naturetrek wildlife cruises offer:

  • A range of cruising experiences, from exclusively chartered 50-berth expedition ships to smaller motor yachts & schooners
  • Arctic & Antarctic nature cruises in ships with specially strengthened hulls
  • Each voyage is accompanied by expert naturalists
  • Wide range of wildlife cruises from five continents

We have been running wildlife cruises for over 30 years and if your image of cruising is endless deck quoits or bingo, think again! A life on the ocean waves can be a permit to witness scenes of natural splendour that most people will only ever see on their television screens.

A selection of our most popular wildlife cruises:

  • Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands – Unique 2-week Galapagos nature cruise aboard a 16-berth schooner in search of the confiding birds, mammals & reptiles that inhabit these islands made so famous by Darwin
  • The Sub-Antartic Islands of New Zealand – Penguins, marine mammals & seabirds (Tailormade) 
  • Spitsbergen in the summer – Polar Bears, Walruses & seabirds
  • Baja California – Blue Whales, Sperm Whales, thousands of dolphins & other marine life, plus San Ignacio’s friendly Grey Whales
  • Kamchatka Peninsula – Pacific Ocean seabird colonies, spectacular volcanic scenery & over a dozen species of auks, plus Steller’s Sea Eagle, Siberian Rubythroats & much more (Tailormade)
  • Brahmaputra Cruise, India – Unique nature cruise visiting Kaziranga & other National Parks

But we offer so much more! 

View all of our wildlife cruises or call us now on +44 1962 733051 to find out more.


Juan was exceptionally good - enthusiastic, personable, and extremely knowledgeable. An outstanding experience - non-stop enjoyment.
An amazing adventure. Any lover of nature should put these places at the top of their agenda. The Amazon basin is somewhere we have all seen on TV but to experience it gives a new perspective. Seeing giant otters, many species of monkey and the varied and magnificent bird life is something worth doing in its own right. However, to accompany such a visit with a tour of the Galapagos raises the experience to a whole new level. I have been to many wonderful places in Africa, America and Australia but I would put the Galapagos top of my list. The combination of islands in all their variety and the sea cruises in between, in waters teeming with marine life is exhilarating. The wildlife is so unafraid of humans that the main problem is to avoid accidentally stepping on sleeping sea lions or nesting birds as you walk along the paths and beaches. Snorkelling with sea lions, feeding turtles, penguins, flightless cormorants, sharks, rays and a variety of tropical fish is a wonderful thing to do. We used a small 16 berth schooner on our Naturetrek holiday and I am pleased that we did. It seemed to put us in touch with our surroundings in a way that the bigger boats we saw wouldn't have done. The group were brilliant and everyone got along, having a common interest in nature. The crew were marvellous, the food great and our guide, Darwin, couldn't have been better. His knowledge and ability to inspire were first class. We were looked after wonderfully and Naturetrek's organisation was impeccable. Every day involves wet and dry landings on the islands, walks to see the wildlife and geology, swimming and snorkelling or simply relaxing on the boat if that's what you felt like. This combination of activities and relaxation made the holiday into far more than a simple passive viewing experience.
Trip leader - Chris was admirable...His knowledge and experience is readily shared and he is a great travelling companion. Expedition leaders on the boat were very competent and knowledgeable. They worked hard to offer the best possible itinerary with unexpected ice conditions.