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Wildlife holidays in Kazakhstan with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in Kazakhstan

Tell me about Kazakhstan …

Kazakhstan, lying at the heart of Central Asia on the Old Silk Road, is a massive country. It covers an area the size of the whole of western Europe, spanning 2,717,300 square kilometres from the Caspian Sea to western China.

It has a population of just 17 million people, mostly living in the cities, and as such this is a land of vast open and unpeopled spaces.

Great stone and sand deserts, and wide grassy steppes occupy the majority of the country, interspersed with such great inland lakes as Lake Balkhash and the Aral Sea. In dramatic contrast, along its south-eastern borders stand the mighty Tien Shan Mountains – the 1,610-kilometre spine of Central Asia and northern extension of the Himalaya.

Waters flowing off these vast mountains give rise to flower-filled alpine meadows, lush forests of Tien Shan Spruce and lowland Turanga. They also feed the great lakes and inland deltas to the north.

Our Kazakhstan specialist recommends...

"I recommend our ‘Kazakhstan’ tour, and action-packed birdwatching tour taking in a huge variety of this vast country’s landscapes, including the Tien Shan Mountains. Some stand out species are: the Himalayan Snowcock and Himalayan Rubythroat."

Dan Free
Operations Manager

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What’s special about the wildlife?

Its flora – consisting of over 6,000 species – is superb, and its alpine and bulbous plants are particularly special.

Kazakhstan has an interesting bird fauna which includes some sought after montane species such as Ibisbill.

Naturetrek tours to Kazakhstan

Naturetrek offers a selection of wildlife holidays and natural history tours to Kazakhstan including botanical and bird watching holidays to the deserts, steppes, lakes, tulip meadows and Tien Shan Mountains.

Some highlights of our natural history tours to Kazakhstan:

  • Rare & endemic plants of the Tien Shan
  • Wonderful spring displays of wild tulips
  • Rich selection of birds including Little Bustard, Demoiselle Crane & Collared Pratincole, Macqueen’s Bustard,
  • Pallas’s Sandgrouse, Blue-cheeked Bee-eater & Desert Warbler
  • Montane bird life including Ibisbill, Himalayan Rubythroat & Himalayan Snowcock


A very enjoyable, well-organised and informative trip. Thank you.
Many thanks must also go to the staff (ground operator) who worked exceptionally hard to provide us with a superb trip and who were also exceedingly pleasant and helpful people. Tony Smith must also be the epitome of a great group leader. Superb birding ability and knowledge, coupled with excellent people skills. Life doesnt get much better than this!

South Yorkshire

The holiday exceeded my expectations. Excellent guide, very good birding, wonderful scenery, very good local food. The group were excellent company and I learned a lot from the more experienced birders. Reg Thorpe planned well and guided us brilliantly with immense knowledge.