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Wildlife holidays in Sweden with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in Sweden

Tell me about Sweden …

Sweden is a Nordic country in Scandinavia. Stockholm is its capital and largest city. Sweden became a member of the European Union in 1995 and it is the third largest country in terms of area in the EU. It has a low population density – 21 inhabitants per square kilometere, and about 85% of the population lives in urban areas.

Famous for its Viking past, today the Kingdom of Sweden is a highly developed democracy and a peace loving nation.

Sweden has a long coastline to the east, while to the west is the long Skanderna mountain chain. 15% of Sweden lies north of the Arctic Circle and about 65% of the country is covered in forest. Gotland and Oland are its largest islands, and Vanern and Vattern are its largest lakes. Most of Sweden has a temperate climate.

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Our Sweden specialist recommends...

"Sweden in Autumn is a great time to go in search of the migrating Common Cranes, geese, Bluethroats and other birds. We also look for mammals, dragonflies, butterflies and moths on this all round wildlife holiday."

Kerrie Porteous
Operations Manager


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What’s special about the wildlife?

Sweden is home to large mammals such as Brown Bear, Wolf and Elk, as well as an interesting bird and butterfly fauna.

Naturetrek tours to Sweden

Naturetrek offers a wide selection of natural history tours to Sweden. These include winter and spring bird watching holidays in search of special resident and wintering visitors, a short break to watch Brown Bears, and birding and botany tours to the islands of Oland and Gotland.

What might I see?

  • We search for Elk, Brown Bear, Wolf, Beaver & Mountain Hare among the dense forests of central Sweden
    A chance to track Wolves through spectacular winter scenery
  • Owls, woodpeckers, grouse & other mountain bird specialities of Lapland
  • A mix of Scandinavian & Eastern European butterflies such as Reverdin’s Blue & Assman’s Fritillary as well as moths on our dedicated butterfly holiday to central Sweden
  • Spectacular flowering orchids & other wild flowers on Oland & Gotland


The knowledge, enthusiasm and local contacts of the tour leader, Daniel Green, really made this holiday special. We were able to see all the major species at close quarters and yet get a feel for their habitat and breeding behaviour. An outstanding holiday and experience.
Wonderful holiday that would be difficult to fault in any way. Daniel and Rob were excellent leaders who were able to cater for a variety of bird watching experience. They worked so hard to make sure the trip was so enjoyable and successful.

Sweden's Mammals

It is hard to sum up this experience in just a few words. But first off, what an amazing, humbling trip that takes you right back to your roots. Marcus does a terrific job, making everything about the experience as personal and unforgettable as possible. His enthusiasm, knowledge and connection with the wildlife and landscape is just so inspiring. Throughout the trip we saw many beaver, badgers, wild boar, fox, some moose, a glimpse of two wolves and more. But hearing Marcus call to the wolves and the return call has to be the highlight, to be in their territory and experience their world is very hard to put into words. Another mention has to go to the guest lodge; amazing food and amazing people also. All around an amazing trip, we will be back, thank you!