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Explore the Enchanted Isles on a Galapagos Cruise
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Wildlife Holidays in the Galapagos

Its geological and evolutionary history, landscapes and extraordinary wildlife make this strangely beautiful volcanic archipelago unlike anywhere else on the planet. These 'Enchanted Isles', where Charles Darwin developed his ground-breaking theory of evolution, are home to prehistoric-looking Land and Marine Iguanas and Giant Tortoises, as well as a host of endemic birds and other wildlife. Naturetrek's comprehensive Galapagos cruise itineraries offer the keen naturalist a wonderful adventure aboard either a two-masted Topsail Schooner (Cachalote) or a First Class motor boat (Beluga) to explore this unique environment under the guidance of our expert naturalist guide.

Our Specialist recommends

'If you have the time and budget, a 14 night/15 day Galapagos cruise is the way to go for any keen naturalist/photographer. Since the Galapagos National Park streamlined and improved the boat itineraries, minimising criss-crossing and wasted time, there's never been a better time to visit. Our cruises make for a truly unique experience. Expect to be enthralled by the approachable wildlife, varied walks around the islands and the high quality snorkelling in clear (if slightly chilly!) seas. Add the Amazon extension to Sacha Lodge for a completely different dimension to your holiday in Ecuador.'

Andy Tucker
Operations Manager

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Marine Iguanas (John Willsher)Blue-footed Boobies (Jane Hodgson)Returning to the Cachalote (John Willsher)Blue-footed Boobies (Jennifer Nisbet)Magnificent Frigatebird (John Willsher)Marine Iguanas (John Willsher)Blue-footed Boobies (Jane Hodgson)Returning to the Cachalote (John Willsher)Blue-footed Boobies (Jennifer Nisbet)Magnificent Frigatebird (John Willsher)Sally Lightfoot CrabPinnacle Rock and Santiago (Geoff Carr)Land Iguana (John Willsher)Marine Iguana (Jane Hodgson)Magnificent Frigatebird (Jane Hodgson)

Why Choose Naturetrek?

We offer the most comprehensive Galapagos cruise itineraries available, visiting a range of wildlife-rich sites for an up-close and personal encounter with the diverse fauna of this astonishing archipelago. Travelling in a comfortable two-masted Topsail Schooner or motor boat, we provide a unique experience with the opportunity for daily landings in wildlife-rich landing sites created by the Galapagos National Park authority. We visit all the larger islands as well as numerous smaller ones, spending relaxed, quality time at each location to enjoy the unique natural features and resident fauna, allowing ample opportunities for photography and snorkelling. In between landings there's plenty of time to relax and keep an eye out for the many marine creatures that keep our vessel company, including countless seabirds, dolphins and even the occasional passing whale or pods of Orcas. Our local naturalist guides provide outstanding leadership and a wealth of knowledge on the natural history and wildlife of the islands, and the highly trained crew offer exceptional service. With the freedom and independence to travel at our own pace, we explore the full magnificence of this unique environment. Galapagos Cruise Highlights Naturetrek's inspirational itineraries include:
  • The most comprehensive cruise itineraries available
  • Expert local naturalist guides with extensive natural history knowledge
  • Choose from a comfortable two-masted Topsail Schooner or a First Class motor boat
  • Daily landings at wildlife-rich sites to encounter endemic wildlife ยท Plenty of time to enjoy photography
  • Sightings of countless seabirds and other marine life on voyages between islands
  • Opportunities to snorkel and encounter myriad fish and Galapagos Sea Lions
  • Island highlights include Fernandina, Genovesa and Espanola
  • Sightings of Waved Albatross during June - December
  • Add an Amazon Rainforest extension at wonderful Sacha Lodge


Mr & Mrs Y
Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands

The tour guide guide, Darwin, was exemplory and the crew, also excellent. We had our 40th Wedding Anniversary whilst on board and our fellow guests and crew gave us a surprise celebration, complete with decorated cake! The whole holiday exceeded expectations and will be unforgettable.
An amazing experience - of a lifetime for people my age! Darwin Alvarez was outstanding! In many trips abroad with many leaders, I have never come across anyone with such a complete knowledge of his subject(s)! History, geology, meteorology, birds, fish, plants, insects - awesome! His self-taught English was also flawless - so were his diving/snorkelling abilities!
An amazing adventure. Any lover of nature should put these places at the top of their agenda. The Amazon basin is somewhere we have all seen on TV but to experience it gives a new perspective. Seeing giant otters, many species of monkey and the varied and magnificent bird life is something worth doing in its own right. However, to accompany such a visit with a tour of the Galapagos raises the experience to a whole new level. I have been to many wonderful places in Africa, America and Australia but I would put the Galapagos top of my list. The combination of islands in all their variety and the sea cruises in between, in waters teeming with marine life is exhilarating. The wildlife is so unafraid of humans that the main problem is to avoid accidentally stepping on sleeping sea lions or nesting birds as you walk along the paths and beaches. Snorkelling with sea lions, feeding turtles, penguins, flightless cormorants, sharks, rays and a variety of tropical fish is a wonderful thing to do. We used a small 16 berth schooner on our Naturetrek holiday and I am pleased that we did. It seemed to put us in touch with our surroundings in a way that the bigger boats we saw wouldn't have done. The group were brilliant and everyone got along, having a common interest in nature. The crew were marvellous, the food great and our guide, Darwin, couldn't have been better. His knowledge and ability to inspire were first class. We were looked after wonderfully and Naturetrek's organisation was impeccable. Every day involves wet and dry landings on the islands, walks to see the wildlife and geology, swimming and snorkelling or simply relaxing on the boat if that's what you felt like. This combination of activities and relaxation made the holiday into far more than a simple passive viewing experience.