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Dormouse Day & Hampshire Bat Evening – Friday 22nd July



A Day with Dormice & other Small Mammals
Extremely elusive and increasingly rare, the Hazel Dormouse is unlike other rodents, being long-lived and highly specialised in its ability to hibernate. It is also shy, secretive and nocturnal, so you are not very likely to see a dormouse unless accompanied by a specialist guide and on our dedicated ‘A Day with Dormice & other Small Mammals’ on Friday 22nd July we offer an opportunity to do just that!

Meeting in Old Basing at 9am, we will enjoy a gentle woodland walk with expert local naturalist Jim Andrews, checking nesting boxes in order to learn more about this engaging mammal. Then, after a pub lunch, we will check Longworth live traps for other small mammals, as well as learn a little about the local ecology.

Cost: £58 (includes lunch)

A Hampshire Bat Evening
Hampshire is a bat ‘hot-spot’, and the county is fortunate enough to have records for at least 16 of the UK’s 17 species of breeding bats. This includes the more common species such as the pipistrelles and Brown Long-eared Bat, as well as much rarer species such as Barbastelle and Bechstein’s Bats (indeed, the latter are two of the rarest bats in Europe).

After meeting at Noar Hill Nature Reserve at 5.30pm, our Hampshire Bat Evening (led by naturalist Jon Stokes) focuses on the Greywell Tunnel site, one of the most important roosts in the UK. This is one of the best spots to see such species as Daubenton’s, Whiskered, Brandt’s, Brown Long-eared, Noctule, Natterer’s, Pipistrelle and Soprano Pipistrelle Bats. During our exploration of the tunnel site we’ll learn to recognise these species with the help of Jon and his bat detector.

Cost: £25

Please note that it is possible to combine ‘A Day with Dormice’ & ‘A Hampshire Bat Evening’.

Contact: to book either, or both, of these wildlife excursions in Hampshire, please call Georgie on 01962 733051 or email