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Ecuador's Mammals

Neotropical Otter (Bryon Palacios)

Neotropical Otter (Bryon Palacios)

Neotropical mammals have traditionally remained elusive for many wildlife lovers, and finding them in the wild can present a real challenge as they often live amongst dense vegetation or are shy in their habits.

However, our January 2015 tour proved that it's entirely possible to enjoy superb encounters with iconic Neotropical mammal species — if you know where to look, and how to find them! Highlights from this new 15-day holiday included Spectacled (Andean) Bear, Mountain Tapir and the newly discovered Olinguito. What made these sightings particularly special was how close our group was able to get to the animals, and the fact that they enjoyed such prolonged views of each of these species.

Equatorial Saki, Venezuelan Red Howler, Golden Mantled Tamarin, Red Titi and White-fronted Capuchin, plus both Squirrel and Spix's Night Monkeys, were also seen, and our group had good views of Giant River Otter as well as the even rarer Neotropical Otter. Over half the group also enjoyed views of Tayra, Black Agouti and the delightful Kinkajou.

Some excellent birding, comfortable accommodation and delicious food also contributed to a well-rounded experience in this wildlife-rich, hospitable country.

Our next Ecuador’s Mammals holidays depart on Sunday 16th August 2015 and Sunday 17th January 2016. For further information or to book this tour please call Andy on 01962 733051 or email