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Wildlife holidays in North & Central America with Naturetrek
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N & C America

North America offers comfortable wildlife watching, while Central America provides some more exotic Neotropical natural history experiences.

Wildlife Holidays in North & Central America

North America cannot match South America’s diversity of fauna, but it offers the comfort, security and sophistication that some travellers prefer, as well as some breathtaking scenery! From watching Blue Whales off California’s Monterey Bay or Grizzly Bears in Western Canada, the wonderful diversity of birds and mammals in Panama or Costa Rica, or a relaxing winter wildlife break in the Caribbean, our holidays to North and Central America offer a superb choice of wildlife-watching possibilities.

Our America specialist recommends...

“I’d recommend our birdwatching and natural history holiday to Trinidad & Tobago. This tour starts with eight nights at the Asa Wright Centre where you can watch hummingbirds while sitting on the verandah and visit the world’s most accessible Oilbird cave. This is followed by four nights on Tobago relaxing on idyllic beaches, or (in April) watching Leatherback Turtles lay their eggs!” - Paul Stanbury 


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Our Holidays in North America ... 

North America is rich in natural beauty and wildlife – from Canada’s snow-clad mountains, vast forests and mosaic of deep fjords, to the legendary whale-watching venues off the USA’s eastern seaboard a holiday to this huge continent offers an amazing choice of wildlife-watching amongst some grand-scale scenery, staying in comfortable accommodation … and there’s no chance of going hungry! Here are just some of the Naturetrek wildlife tours in North America that you can choose from:

Why choose North America?

As well as being home to some superb wildlife, North America offers grand-scale scenery, comfortable accommodation, and you won’t go hungry!

Our Holidays in Central America & the Caribbean

In Central America and the Caribbean, our tours offer winter and spring sunshine and an exotic mix of colourful birds, butterflies and whales – perhaps the perfect place to start if you have not yet visited the Americas! Here are just some of the Naturetrek wildlife tours in Central America that you can choose from:

  • Baja California & Sea of Cortez – an outstanding whale-watching holiday including an 11-night cruise along the Baja coastline and into the San Ignacio Lagoon to enjoy its ‘friendly’ Grey Whales. Book early as places fill quickly!
  • Mexico’s Monarchs, Humpbacks & Birds – witness the world’s most spectacular butterfly migration and look for Humpbacks in Banderas Bay
  • Costa Rica – a 16-day birdwatching holiday visiting key sites which includes looking for the Resplendent Quetzal
  • Belize & Tikal – superb Neotropical birding, undisturbed Mayan ruins and coral reefs
  • St Lucia – the perfect winter escape combining birdwatching, snorkelling over reefs, white-sand beaches and dolphin-watching on one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful islands.


St. Lucia

The organisation was first rate. Leader, Ed Drewitt, was excellent: Very Knowledgeable, patient, helpful, always pleasant and goof fun. Good variety of activities.

St. Lucia

An excellent holiday experience in a high quality resort, with excellent leader, local guides, and an interesting itinerary comprising a diverse range of activities. In addition to their excellent knowledge of local birds, the guides - particularly Manu and Adams - had an extensive knowledge of the local flora, adding an extra dimension to each walk in the rainforest. Anse Chastenet proved to be an excellent base for the group, having very comfortable accommodation, superb cuisine, and excellent staff in terms of efficiency, helpfulness and friendliness. Overall, a most welcoming establishment with levels of customer service that many other hotels and resorts should aspire to. The 'All Inclusive' package was very convenient and hassle-free. The overall itinerary was enhanced by the diversity of modes of transport utilised for wildlife observation - i.e. vehicles, walking, snorkelling, boating, cable car etc. together with the variety of habitats seen, including tropical rainforest, marine coral reef, coastal cliffs, volcanic sulphur springs, open ocean (dolphins), organic farm etc. Thanks to all concerned in bringing this trip to fruition.
This was a wonderful trip from start to finish. The crew were knowledgeable, supportive, friendly, efficient, cheerful and funny. Wonderful encounters with grey whales, amazing sightings of sea creatures and other whales. A lovely atmosphere on the trip.