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Celebrating the life of Machli, the Tigress matriarch of Ranthambore!

Machli, Ranthambore

Machli, Ranthambore

All Tigers are special, but Ranthambore National Park in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan might be forgiven for thinking that one of their Tigers was particularly special – Machli, the park’s Tigress matriarch died last month, aged 19. Machli was an exceptional Tigress in many ways: first, her longevity (most Tigers live for about 10 to 15 years); second, her contribution to conservation – two of Machli’s nine cubs are now raising their own families in a nearby reserve forest and her progeny make up half of the park’s total Tiger population! Finally, her character also marked her out as special – renowned as an excellent mother, fierce in defence of her young, she is known to have scared off numerous male Tigers, not to mention a 14-foot long crocodile!

Machli had been the star attraction of Ranthambore for two decades, enjoyed by numerous Naturetrek clients visiting the park over that period, who will remember her and her cubs fondly, as well as by so many others. She was also a star of the small screen – her story was told in a special BBC Natural World documentary aired in October 2012. And this magnificent old Tigress’s legacy continues – the park is well populated with her descendants and visitors to Ranthambore National Park stand a good chance of seeing one of them.

Our group tours that visit Ranthambore:
Our ‘Rajasthan – Wildlife & History’ and ‘India – Ranthambore, Bharatpur & Chambal’ holidays visit Ranthambore National Park, and we offer an extension to the park on our ‘Just Tigers’ and ‘India – Tiger Marathon’ holidays.

Tailormade safari in Ranthambore:
If you choose to book a Tailormade holiday which visits Ranthambore you have the option of booking a full or half-day safari in the park.

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