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See Transylvanian Mole Rats on our mammal tour to Hungary

Mole Rat, Jon Stokes

Mole Rat, Jon Stokes

We are delighted to announce that we can now offer the unique opportunity to view the rare, and newly described, Transylvanian Mole Rat (Nannospalax transsylvanicus) on this year’s 7-night ‘Hungary’s Bats, Mammals & other Wildlife’ tour departing on the 5th September 2017.

Although these bizarre mammals spend their entire lives underground, individuals are trapped from time to time by licensed researchers to be weighed and studied as part of an ongoing conservation project. This September the researchers have very kindly agreed to let our group join them and watch the animals being caught and studied.

In addition to the Transylvanian Mole Rats, this unusual wildlife holiday offers the chance to see up to 20 species of bat, plus an interesting variety of smaller mammals, birds and other wildlife.

Highlights from a previous tour are described below, but for additional information, please click here.

Bats: Greater, Lesser and 500+ Mediterranean Horseshoe Bats; Geoffroy's and Bechstein's Bats. Listening to the echolocation calls of bats with experts; mist-netting and catching 74 bats of 10+ species in 2 hours; Pond, Daubenton's, Natterer's, Greater and Lesser Mouse-eared Bats; Brown Long-eared, Bechstein's, Western Barbastelle, Grey Long-eared, Serotine and Whiskered Bats; Common Pipistrelle and 50 Noctules packed into one rock crevice!

Other mammals: an Edible Dormouse nest with 7 energetic youngsters, plus Common Dormouse, Striped Field Mouse, Water Vole,  Red Squirrel, Common Shrew, Wood Mouse, Brown Hare, Steppe Mouse, Wild Boar piglets, Red Fox and Roe Deer.

Birds: Hawfinch, Red-backed Shrike, Hazel Grouse, Grey-headed, Black and Middle Spotted Woodpeckers, Icterine Warbler, Imperial Eagle, Saker Falcon, Bee-eater, Roller, Red-footed Falcon, Whiskered Tern and Pygmy Cormorant.

Other wildlife: Green and Fire-bellied Toads, salamanders, Sooty Copper, plus plenty of blues, skippers and fritillaries.

Contact: please call Paul Stanbury on 01962 733051 or email for further details about our 8-day Hungary’s Bats, Mammals & Other Wildlife holiday.