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Cruising Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest

Spirit Bear (Paul Stanbury)

Spirit Bear (Paul Stanbury)

Only 1 place remaining (male share) on our 12th September 2017 ‘Spirit Bears, Grizzlies & Humpbacks - Cruising the Great Bear Rainforest’ holiday.

We have only one place remaining on our September 2017 cruises around British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest in search of Grizzly Bears fishing for salmon, Wolves, Humpback Whales and the rare Spirit or Kemode Bear, the so-called ‘Ghost of the Rainforest’. These two cruises are part of Naturetrek’s unique collection of full-boat wildlife charters, whereby we take full charter of the small vessel, fill it with Naturetrek clients and operate a dedicated wildlife cruise focusing exclusively on the region’s birds, mammals, other wildlife and scenery.

Although our 20th September departure is full, we have one berth remaining for a single gentleman on our 12th September 2017 holiday which begins with a flight to Vancouver and then includes seven nights on the 16-berth Island Roamer cruising the sheltered waters of the Inside Passage between the small communities of Bella Bella and Kitimat. This is a remote and exceptionally beautiful region of western Canada, clothed in temperate rainforest (the largest remaining tract in the world), backed by the snow-capped Coast Ranges and cut by steep-sided fjords. Being so remote, the wildlife that lives along the coast of British Columbia is both diverse and exciting from the top land and sea predators - Wolves, Grizzly Bear and Orca - down to an interesting variety of birds and other smaller-scale creatures. Humpback Whales are usually a daily treat during the cruise, whilst pods of speedy Dall's Porpoise often play in the Roamer’s bow wake. For many, however, the highlight of this holiday will be the opportunity to view bears, Grizzly, Black and Spirit. In September, millions of salmon return to the unpolluted rivers of the Great Bear Rainforest to spawn and this annual glut of food brings in the bears! On the BC mainland we will hope to watch powerful Grizzly Bears dashing through the shallows after huge Chum Salmon, whilst on the larger islands offshore we will search for the beautiful Spirit or Kemode Bear, a rare cream-coloured genetic variant of the Black Bear that can only be found in northern BC and south-east Alaska.  Each evening the Roamer will anchor in a remote and tranquil spot where the silence is only broken by the shrill call of a passing Bald Eagle, the distant howl of a Wolf or the whoosh of a blowing Humpback Whale. Other wildlife to look out for on this holiday includes Sea Otter, American Marten, Fin Whale, Pacific White-sided Dolphin, Tufted Puffin, Harlequin Duck, Varied Thrush and a variety of divers, grebes, seaduck and waders.

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