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Wildcats captured on video in Spain

Wildcat, Navarra (Jose Ardaiz)

Wildcat, Navarra (Jose Ardaiz)

Our two recent Wildcat tours to the province of Navarra in northern Spain have been a huge success. Both our groups were treated to stunning views of these beautiful cats alongside a plethora of sought-after birds. Tour leader Julian Gayarre was delighted when, on the very first evening an impressive male Wildcat appeared over a sunny ridge then began hunting for over an hour as our group watched. They enjoyed observing the male Wildcat relaxing in the sun and marking his territory, as well as hunting, catching and eating two unfortunate Water Voles!

Over the course of the two tours, more time was spent watching Wildcats as they fed on rodents recently revealed due to the snow thawing. As well as enjoying great encounters with Wildcats, our groups also had stunning views of Wallcreeper on the local church, White-backed, Black and Middle Spotted Woodpeckers and Bluethroat, Eagle Owl and Lammergeier to name just a few. We hope you enjoy the video below of a Wildcat in action!
View video here.

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