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Dolphin Holidays with Naturetrek
For friendly, expert advice call: +44 (0) 1962 733051 Office open Mon to Fri 8:30am - 5:30pm and Sat 9am - 1pm

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Memorable Dolphin Holidays

More than almost any other animal on the planet, dolphins provide an enduring source of fascination for wildlife lovers. Their intelligence, grace and agility have captured our imagination. An encounter with these magnificent cetaceans in the wild on a dolphin cruise is a highly sought-after nature travel experience. As apparently curious of their human observers as we are of them, the opportunity to observe them in their natural habitat is both memorable and life affirming.

Why Choose Naturetrek?

Naturetrek offers professionally organised small group dolphin tours to exciting places all over the world, from close to home in the UK, to far-flung destinations in the tropics and Polar regions. Whether it’s to Monterey, the Maldives, the Azores, Madeira, Lyme Bay or Pembrokeshire, our dedicated wildlife holidays offer a vast range of experiences that encompass day trips on small, manoeuvrable vessels and week-long liveaboard cruises. Led by expert naturalist guides and accompanied by local marine biologists, our itineraries focus on one or a few key species and can also be part of a broader wildlife-watching tour. With such a diverse range of destinations and tours available, a wealth of dolphin species can be seen, from Bottlenose and Risso’s to Spinner, Striped and Heaviside’s, as well as whales, birdlife and other exciting marine animals. With over three decades of experience organising specialist wildlife holidays, Naturetrek offers an unparalleled programme of expert-led tours to the most spectacular places on the planet.

Tour Highlights

  • A range of itineraries including day excursions & longer cruises in cetacean-rich waters
  • Tours to the Maldives, Monterey Bay, the Azores, Madeira, Bay of Biscay, the Straits of Gibraltar, Baja California, Sri Lanka, Norway & Spitsbergen
  • UK destinations include Dorset, Pembrokeshire & Scotland
  • Sightings of a range of species from Bottlenose & Risso’s, to Spinner, Striped & Heaviside’s Dolphins
  • Expert biologist-led, photographer-led & researcher-led tours offered
  • Itineraries that focus on key cetacean species or combine dolphin-watching with a broader wildlife holiday
  • Sightings of seabirds, whales & other marine mammals
  • Encounters in small boats with wildlife just metres away on some dolphin-watching tours

    Our Dolphin Tours Expert Recommends...

    Paul Stanbury"In the UK I recommend our full-day tours to look for White-beaked dolphins off Lyme Bay. Madeira offers a good variety of species close to shore, including Risso’s, Atlantic Spotted and Common, while if you fancy warm tropical waters, Sri Lanka or the Maldives offer a good range of acrobatic species in sunny conditions."

    Paul Stanbury
    Naturetrek Operations Manager
  • What You've Been Saying About Our Dolphin Holidays
    The tour leader, Ed Drewitt, was an exemplary leader – very knowledgeable and friendly and took particular care of his guests on our dolphin cruise.
    T. & J.D., June 2016
    Excellent, friendly, knowledgeable tour leader. Hotel comfortable, ideal location. Local guides were efficient, experienced with a wealth of local knowledge.
    C.B., Cambridgeshire
    We saw so much and it was wonderful to share the enthusiasm and experience with fellow travellers and trip leaders alike. A special thank you to our leaders who went to great lengths to make sure we saw so much and share their knowledge with us.
    P.D., Nottinghamshire