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Whether you simply want to enjoy the beauty of flowers or hunt for particular species we have many botanical tours to suit you.


There are few more pleasing sights in the natural world than a meadow filled with wild flowers. Seeing plants in their native habitat is always exciting and our flower tours offer you an incredible choice, from dazzling tropical blooms and the thrill of finding elusive orchids or delicate alpines, to seeing island endemics or British flora.

Our flower tours specialist recommends …

"I'd recommend 'Wengen – Alpine Flowers of the Swiss Alps', 'Autumn Plants of the Peloponnese' and 'Madeira – The Floating Garden' for a good range of what plant life Europe has to offer. For the more adventurous plant hunter try 'Ecuador’s Andean flora or either of the two flower tours to China."

David Tattersfield
Naturetrek Tour Leader

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Primula Dryadifolia (Gordon Rae)Lilium Regale (Gordon Rae)Gentiana rubicunda (Gordon Rae)Traversing Pools at Huanglong (Gordon Rae)View from Schynige Platte (Kerrie Porteous)Hotel Berghaus (Kerrie Porteous)View from the Berghaus (Kerrie Porteous)Train to Wengen (Kerrie Porteous)Welcome meetingEn route to the White MountainsPlakias Bay (David Tattersfield)Gouverneto monasteryCalandra Lark (Alan Curry)Demoiselle Crane (Alan Curry)Himalayan Griffon Vulture (Alan Curry)Lesser Kestrel (Alan Curry)Bismarck Palms (Bismarckia nobilis)Walking at Isalo
Naturetrek Wild Flower Holidays

Many of us want to know more about the plants we see around us. Whether inspired by appreciation of the aesthetic appeal of flowers, or a more focused desire to identify individual species, everyone with an interest in botany will derive pleasure from participating in one of Naturetrek’s flower tours.

Why choose Naturetrek’s flower tours?
  • Groups are kept deliberately small
  • All wildflower holidays led by expert botanist guides
  • All levels of interest and expertise catered for
  • Focus on flora, but expert guidance also given on other wildlife
What can I expect on typical Naturetrek wildflower holidays
  • Travel with a group of like-minded people
  • For most flower tours we stay at a comfortable hotel or lodge close to an area of outstanding botanical interest
  • A series of leisurely day excursions with ample time to study botanical finds

In addition to dedicated flower tours we offer holidays with a wider theme, seeing birds, butterflies and other aspects of natural history as well as the flora. We also visit more remote areas of the world in search of plant-life. These botanical tours may involve prolonged treks and camping. We look for wild Tulips in Kazakhstan, and we traverse Himalayan valleys in search of many species.



Mr & Mrs L

Good variety of content - plants, birds, culture, history, landscape. Excellent guides - extremely knowledgeable and went out of their way to ensure everyone's enjoyment and comfort. Excellent group dynamics!
I really enjoyed every minute and I thought David was an excellent leader. It really couldn’t have been better, a huge thanks to all concerned.
Our leader David was amazingly well organised – letting us know the itinerary for each day and teaching us about the landscape. His knowledge of the alpine flowers was superb. The whole holiday was a joy – the snow-clad mountains and masses of beautiful alpine flowers were amazing.