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Wildlife holidays in Bulgaria with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in Bulgaria

Tell me about Bulgaria …

Bulgaria is one of the least visited corners of Europe, yet it is a diverse and very scenic country whose geographical position and wide range of habitats and altitudes ensures a quite exceptional range of exciting birds alongside many interesting plant and butterfly species.

From the dramatic peaks of the Pirin and Rhopode Mountains to the extensive wetlands along the Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria has much to offer the wildlife enthusiast in every season.

In the spring and autumn we explore the Black Sea coastline in search of the millions of migrants that track north in May and south in September.

In the summer we move into the mountains to enjoy the carpets of flowers and other wildlife – including Wallcreepers – of the southern mountain chains. In the crisp cold of February we return to the wetlands of the Black Sea in search of the thousands of Red-breasted Geese that flock there each winter.

Our Bulgaria specialist recommends..

"‘Bulgaria in Spring’ shows the best of both breeding and migrating birds in the Rhodope Mountains, Black Sea Coast and Danube Valley. Our ‘Bulgaria’s Dragonflies’ tour goes in search of some of Europe’s finest dragonfly species as well as some delightful butterflies and flower-filled meadows."

Paul Stanbury
Operations Manager

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Naturetrek tours to Bulgaria

Naturetrek offers a range of wildlife holidays and natural history tours to Bulgaria:

  • Bird watching in the Rhodope Mountains, along the Black Sea Coast & Danube Valley
  • Birds & flowers of the Vitosha Mountains & Pirin National Park
  • Special weekend breaks in search of Red-breasted Geese & the enigmatic Wallcreeper

What might I see?

  • We look for raptors such as Golden, Imperial, Booted & Short-toed Eagles in the Rhodope Mountains
  • Orchids of upland meadows & woodland
  • The extensive wetland areas around Burgas are among the most bird rich in Europe
  • An exploration of Bulgaria’s dragonflies – potentially 50 species
  • A wide variety of alpine flowers in the Vitosha Mountains


Your trip leader, Andy Smith, is an excellent teacher and takes time with each member of his party throughout the trip, irrespective of their knowledge to ensure maximum interest.

Bulgaria in Summer

The guides were clearly expert in their various fields. They took considerable pains to show us whatever was around and tried to ensure that all of the group had a view. This meant we did see a lot of birds, butterflies, dragonflies etc. Overall we enjoyed the holiday - there was lots to be interested in and everyone was very friendly.

East Yorkshire
Bulgaria in Autumn

Cliff Waller is a lovely chap with an impressive record in achievements in the wildlife field.