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Wildlife holidays in Ireland with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in Ireland

What’s special about Ireland?

The west coast of Ireland is justly famous for its wild and beautiful landscapes, as well as its exciting birds and fascinating botany.

The rugged Atlantic coastline offers a remarkable variety of coastal landscapes with its mix of cliffs, beaches, bays and estuaries. These attract a huge number and variety of waders, wildfowl and seabirds, together with migrants and rare summer visitors like the Corncrake.

The limestone pavement in the Burren is home to a rich variety of wild flowers and endemic plants.

Among its many charms, Ireland offers friendly people, a relaxed lifestyle, quiet roads, fine food, excellent music and the perfect pint of Guinness at the end of the day – all the ingredients for a first class holiday.

Our Ireland specialist recommends...

"‘The Burren’ in Ireland is home to some unique flora and perhaps the most exciting wildflower destination in the British Isles. Enjoy the great scenery and the limestone pavement which makes this area a natural rock garden."

Andy Tucker
Operations Manager

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O'Kelly's Orchid (Maureen Ponting)The Burren Dolmen (Maureen Ponting)Pyramid Orchid (Maureen Ponting)Photographing Early Marsh Orchid (Maureen Ponting)Early Marsh Orchid, Dactylorhiza incarnata (Maureen Ponting)Wild Thyme (Maureen Ponting)Flowers and turlough, Mullach Mor (Maureen Ponting)Sheedy's Hotel (Maureen Ponting)Pol Salach (Maureen Ponting)Naturetrek group against Newtown Tower (Maureen Ponting)Ferns at Capanwallah (Maureen Ponting)Geranium sanguineum (Maureen Ponting)Cassidy's Bar, Carron (Maureen Ponting)The Burren (Maureen Ponting)Hybrid violets, Viola canina x persicifolia (Maureen Ponting)Mullach Mor (Maureen Ponting)

Naturetrek tours to Ireland

Naturetrek offers two contrasting weekends in Ireland:

  • A botanical weekend looking at the famous wild flowers of the limestone pavement of the Burren (while enjoying superb hospitality at a fine village hotel)
  • A short bird watching break to County Mayo which offers a good chance of seeing Corncrake among a range of other exciting species


The Burren

The bus driver was very good and he went the extra mile to make our trip enjoyable.

The Burren

A most rewarding, well planned and well executed trip. Thank you.

The Burren

This was a most enjoyable 3 day holiday with really excellent hotel accommodation and food. Lunch stops were well chosen and very good. The enthusiasm and determination of our leader to find as many different flowers as possible was remarkable and we were blessed with perfect weather. What more could one want!