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Wildlife holidays in Mali with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in Mali

Tell me about Mali …

Mali is one of the least known and most exciting countries in Africa. It is a huge country, stretching from Ghana in the south to Algeria in the north.

Mali is home to a wide ethnic variety of peoples, notably the Tuareg in the north, typical sub-Saharan African peoples through much of the southern half of the country, and the Dogon in the east.

The diverse peoples of Mali produce some of the finest artefacts to be found in all Africa.

Our Mali specialist recommends...

"I recommend our ‘Mali’ tour, on which we visit the ancient city of Timbuktu, take a boat trip along the mighty Niger River and enjoy the diverse array of birds and other wildlife. This is one of Africa’s least well known countries but we think it is one of the most exciting."

Andy Tucker
Operations Manager


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What special habitats does it have?

Within this vast land, three main vegetation zones are to be found:

  • The south is savannah country (visitors are often surprised just how well-wooded this region of Mali is)
  • In the north lies a huge area of the Sahara Desert
  • In the middle is the arid scrubland of the Sahel

The River Niger is the life-blood of the southern half of the country and near its northern point lies Timbuktu, once a great trading centre and important university, and still a fascinating and enigmatic place to visit.

Naturetrek Tour to Mali

Naturetreks wildlife tour to Mali focuses on local cultures such as the Fulani and Dogon, superb artefacts, and a diverse array of birds. It includes a boat trip on the River Niger, a visit to Timbuktu and spending time with one of the purist Animist-fetishist cultures in Africa.

Malis special wildlife includes:

  • A wide cross-section of West African birds including Senegal Parrot, Violet Turaco, Abyssinian Roller & Egyptian Plover
  • Savannah & escarpment birds such as Stone Partridge, Bearded Barbet & Kulikouro Firefinch
  • Bird life along the River Niger, including Pied Kingfishers, Yellow-crowned Bishops & huge flocks of Red-billed Queleas



Andy Smith set out to get the best out of the ground agent and communicate our needs to amiable local guide, Mohammed. Andy was indefatigable as a birding guide, natural with ordinary locals and an entertaining companion. The drivers and boat crew were all good-dignified, safe, polite, honest and punctual. Hotel and boat bookings and connections all worked. Vehicles were in good order. I chose this holiday because I am interested in culture, history, literature, landscape and wildlife equally. I will always look for holidays with a bit of a mixture like this.


I want to express my appreciation for he great contribution of our leader, Andy Smith, in making this trip so enjoyable. His birding skills were superb and, more importantly, he is able to transmit knowledge in a lively and interesting way, always appropriate to his audience, whatever their own skills level. He is endowed with good humour, patience and common sense, and has the knack of making all group members feel included…


Andy Smith was fantastic as a leader. He was very good at birds and making sure everyone could see them. His expertise in this respect was second to none. He was excellent at co-ordinating everything and everyone and making sure all were catered for. He was also good at explaining what we were about to do at every turn and making sure everyone understood….in fact as a leader I could not have asked for more. Excellent in every way. The whole trip was well organised and extremely varied. With magnificent scenery and always changing. The accommodation was certainly the best available…the tents were excellent…the drivers were all very good indeed, both at handling the vehicles over difficult and varied terrain, but also in keeping them clean both inside and out. Our local guide Mohammed was also excellent at helping and explaining and always able to answer the numerous questions that the group asked. And for me personally always a helping hand when on difficult ground. Needless to say I had a super time and thoroughly enjoyed the entire trip.