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Wildlife Holidays in Taiwan with Naturetrek
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Wildlife Holidays in Taiwan

The island of Taiwan lies on the Tropic of Cancer some 180 kilometres off the south-eastern coast of mainland China. Taiwan is the fourth highest island in the world - its highest peak is Yu Shan (Jade Mountain) at 3,952 metres. Its landscape is characterised by five ranges of rugged mountains and the gently rolling Chianan Plains in the west.

Formerly known as ‘Formosa’, meaning ‘beautiful island’, Taiwan’s advanced technology plays a major role in the global economy, and the island has advanced health care and public education.

Our Taiwan Specialist recommends

‘Despite its wealth of superb avian species, few Westerners have experienced Taiwan’s birdlife, and this tour will focus on seeing as many of these species as possible - aiming for between 170 and 220 bird species during the 10-day holiday. Highlights are likely to include a chance to see huge winter gatherings of Black-faced Spoonbills, endemics such as Taiwan partridge, spectacular pheasants and a chance to bird at a variety of altitudes.’ - David Phillips

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What’s special about the wildlife?
Birds! Taiwan is home to 30 endemic and 60 sub-species of birds as well as other East Asian specialities in its well protected forests.

Our 10-day Taiwan - Endemics & Winter Birds holiday focuses on Taiwan’s endemic and winter birdlife.

What wildlife might I see?
  • Swinhoe’s & Mikado Pheasants in mid & high elevation forest
  • Taiwan Rosefinch & Taiwan Fulvetta in alpine areas
  • Endemics such Taiwan Partridge, Taiwan Bush-warbler & Taiwan Wren-babbler
  • Raptors such as Japanese Sparrowhawk, Black Eagle & Mountain Hawk-eagle
  • Taiwan is the main wintering ground for almost 2,500 Black-faced Spoonbills


The guide, Richard, was superb - not only on bird knowledge but on the country itself. Although we had several days of rain, his hard work ensured the trip was a success. Good memories of beautiful Mikado and Swinhoe's Pheasants and Collared Scops Owls perched in ornate temple ceilings while humans celebrated a special day below.
It was a good, balanced holiday covering a large section of the country and its habitats.
This trip covers a region that I haven't visited before so I found it particularly interesting. The central mountain chain of Taiwan contains some excellent tracts of forest and the population appears to have a good attitude to conservation of their wildlife and habitats.