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Wildlife holidays in Trinidad & Tobago with Naturetrek
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Trinidad & Tobago

Wildlife holidays in Trinidad & Tobago

Tell me about Trinidad & Tobago …

Lying just a short distance from the coast of Venezuela, the islands of Trinidad and Tobago are an interesting blend of Caribbean and Latin American influences.

Famous for its annual Carnival, Trinidad shares the relaxed Caribbean attitude to life, while its production of oil and asphalt helps make it the most prosperous island in the West Indies.

The ethnic composition of Tobago is largely Afro-Caribbean. In Trinidad there is also a considerable population of Asian descent, originating from extensive immigration from the Indian subcontinent in earlier years.

Our Trinidad & Tobago specialist recommends...

"Our ‘Trinidad & Tobago’ tour is a birdwatching and natural history holiday to these beautiful Caribbean islands. We include an 8-night stay at the renowned Asa Wright Nature Centre. There could be no better introduction to Neotropical birding."

Tom Mabbett
Operations Manager


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What’s special about the wildlife?

Diversity is evident in Trinidad’s natural history, which has strong affinities with South America. The world famous Asa Wright Centre is situated amid the forest-clad Northern Hill range and offers superb facilities for visiting groups. It is the ideal location to gain a comfortable introduction to the avifauna of South America.
This, combined with the archetypal Caribbean attractions of Tobago, constitutes an unbeatable holiday venue.

Naturetrek tours to Trinidad & Tobago

Naturetrek offers a bird watching and natural history holiday to Trinidad & Tobago which includes an 8-night stay at the renowned Asa Wright Nature Centre.

What are the highlights of the tour?

  • 30 bird species in about 30 minutes possible – viewed in comfort from the verandah at the Asa Wright Nature Centre. These include hummingbirds, Bananquits & honeycreepers
  • A visit to the world’s most accessible Oilbird colony
  • Scarlet Ibises returning to roost in Caroni Swamp
  • Seabirds, snorkelling, rest & relaxation at a luxurious resort on the beautiful island of Tobago
  • A chance to see Red-billed Tropicbirds, Magnificent Frigatebirds & Blue-backed Manakins


Trinidad & Tobago

We would like to pay tribute to Peter Dunn's outstanding leadership and management of this tour. He led with good humour and with exceptional knowledge of sites and localities, as well as giving us great birds.

Miss E.
Trinidad & Tobago

Birding is so excellent in Cap Bon.
I think having a small group worked well as we could move around quicker and meals were quicker as service slow in Tobago. The flights were at good times. The accommodation was good and food fine. Asa Wright was amazing and staff on the veranda very helpful.