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Wildlife holidays in Tunisia with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in Tunisia

Tell me about Tunisia …

Tunisia is close to Europe both geographically and culturally, and offers a stability that has not always been assured by its neighbours. It offers a microcosm of all things North African yet, in the north, the rugged green hills and valleys clothed in vineyards, oak woodlands, and tidy towns and villages have a European style and a landscape similar to that of neighbouring southern Italy, Sardinia and Corsica.

It boasts some spectacular scenery, from the great sand dunes of the Sahara, to wetlands, woodlands and savannah areas, and these diverse habitats are carefully protected by a well managed system of national parks.

Our Tunisia specialist recommends...

"Our ‘Tunisia’ tour is a 9-day spring birdwatching holiday to the wetlands, savannahs and deserts of a scenic and varied North African land. We also have the opportunity to see rare desert mammals such as the Addax and Scimitar-horned Oryx."

Andy Tucker
Operations Manager


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Further to the south, in the Gulf of Gabes, lie the estuarine mudflats and islands more reminiscent of the south coast of England than of Mediterranean North Africa. Inland of the Gulf sits a remnant of that scenic savannah landscape that was once so widespread across pre-Saharan Africa, and where even this century large game roamed, stalked by such predators as Lion, Leopard and Cheetah. To the south, beyond a rocky and dramatic terrain, are the great golden sand dunes of the Grand Erg Oriental, the northernmost vanguard of the creeping Sahara.

Whats special about its wildlife?

For the naturalist, it is Tunisias bird life which is particularly interesting, as well as some specialist desert mammals such as the Fennec Fox. The eastern lakes are teeming with interesting bird life and Lake Ichkeul has an especially rich avifauna.

Naturetrek tour to Tunisia

Naturetreks spring bird watching holiday visits the countrys wetlands, savannahs and deserts in search of birds and some larger mammals.


South Africa

It was a nice mixture of ruins and birds, and all the guides were excellent. Sonia, the local guide was super, and the two Naturetrek guides were amongst the best I have ever had. Their knowledge was great and they really tried to get everyone on the birds. They also had a great sense of humour, were really approachable, and were good at chivvying us along nicely and keeping us together, as a large group tends to become dispersed. When I saw the size of the group, I was worried that it was too large, but with these two, and the way they ran it, there was no problem. The open terrain helped the large group too - could not do this in a forest! I would be more than happy to go on a trip with these two guides again, and if you could tell me which other trips they run, together or singly, I would consider them. They really made a super trip, and some nice sightings, that without their knowledge, I would have missed. It was a super trip! Thanks!


The holiday was very enjoyable and the trip leader Andy Smith was excellent. He is brilliant at finding birds and dealing with any problems that might occur...he was competent and professional.


A very enjoyable trip, and a good introduction to Tunisia and its different habitats and bird life. By travelling around the country and visiting the wetlands, grasslands, hillside and desert we managed to see many birds and a good selection of mammals and other wildlife. Time put aside to visit El Jem, the Mosaic Museum, Kelibia Fortress and Carthage all added variety to the trip, and were worthwhile stops. The tour leader Andy Smith was excellent, his ability to locate and identify birds from the briefest glimpse never failed to impress! He always made sure all the group saw the birds, and that everyone was included...his all round leadership was impressive. Andys enthusiasm spread amongst the group and a good team spirit formed. My thanks to all the Naturetrek staff involved in organising and running the tour - I had a wonderful time and will travel with you again!