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Wildlife Holidays to Sardinia
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Wildlife holidays in Sardinia

Tell me about Sardinia …

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and lies in the Tyrrhenian Sea, south of Corsica.

It is a land of contrasts, ranging from beautiful white sandy beaches and coves to a rugged mountainous interior and quieter southern areas.

Great care has been taken to ensure that Sardinia has escaped the ravages of tourism which many other Mediterranean islands have suffered.

Our Sardinia specialist recommends...

"I recommend our ‘Sardinia’ tour for a relaxed, 2-centre birdwatching and botany holiday. We explore the island’s coastal lagoons and mountainous interior in search of a wide range of both botanical and avian species."

Andy Tucker
Operations Manager

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What’s special about the wildlife?

The island’s abundant coastal lagoons, extensive forests, rugged mountains and limestone hills are home to an interesting flora and fauna – wild flowers, insect life and birds in particular.

Naturetrek Tours to Sardinia

We offer two wildlife tours to Sardinia: an 8-day holiday in search of the plants, birds and butterflies of the island’s coastal lagoons and mountainous interior; an 8-day holiday with a special focus on the island’s exotic dragonflies.

What wildlife might I see?

  • Purple Gallinule, Glossy Ibis, Little Bittern, Black-winged Stilt & Gull-billed Tern are among the interesting birds breeding in coastal marshes, while Eleonora’s Falcon & Audouin’s Gull breed on islet cliffs 
  • We’ll enjoy the maquis flora including species such as Narrow-leaved Cistus, Lentisk, Phillyrea latifolia & Strawberry Tree
  • In the Monte Arcosu Reserve mammals such as the endangered Sardinian Deer live alongside maquis & woodland birds (including five species of warbler)
  • In late June it’s possible to see up to 35 species of dragonfly, most of which are not found in Britain, including Green Hooktail, Island Bluetail & Long Skimmer

Anything else?

Human settlements have existed on Sardinia for thousands of years and the island is studded with traces of ancient civilisations such as the curious stone tower monuments called nuraghi, built by Bronze Age inhabitants.


M. & M.H-F.

We spent a very interesting week in Sardinia. Our tour leaders knowledge of Sardinia was considerable and varied across many additional subjects, and their leadership as exceptional. Their careful preparation, attention to detail and down to earth style were much appreciated by us and the party as a whole. At all times, they were approachable and extremely helpful. Whilst many books are available, it was wonderful to see both the birds and the plants in real life. The programme was truly inspirational. We have been on many trips throughout the world, however, we will never forget the week we spent in Sardinia! Well done! Best wishes to our leaders and all at Naturetrek.


The tour was very well organised and the two leaders, Jenny and John Willsher, worked very hard to give all of us on the tour a very enjoyable and happy time. This was my first holiday with Naturetrek and I hope to be on another tour in the near future.


I would like to congratulate you all on arranging such an excellent tour. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I shall certainly travel with Naturetrek again and recommend it to my friends...The thing I liked best was John Willsher’s birding skill. He is a great bird finder, and an excellent teacher, carefully describing the details of calls, appearance and habitat...I really enjoyed learning about orchids from Jenny...The other real delight of the holiday for me was the Costa dei Fiori hotel...Overall this was a good tour with two excellent leaders in John and Jenny. They are good company and we got on well. I am full of admiration for their ability to be on duty all day, to find and identify birds and flowers, to drive all day, to produce such excellent picnics, and to stay so unflappable.