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Endemics of Western Australia

Tour Code: AUS04

A 12-day tour in search of the endemic and other birds of the unique eucalyptus forests of the south-western corner of Western Australia.

12 days from £5795(inc flights) Land Only Price: £4995 SRS: £0

We begin our birding in the Darling Range, searching for species such as Western Rosella and Red-winged Fairywren as well as several species of honeyeaters. Travelling inland to the last remaining stand of Wandoo bushland we look for specialties such as Rufous Tree-creeper and Collared Sparrowhawk. We then head south to the picturesque Stirling Ranges, renowned for their rich diversity of both birds and wild flowers. Nearby is Cheyne Beach where we’ll search for the ‘big three’, before visiting the stunning tall Karri Eucalyptus forests – home to a superb variety of birds including whistlers, fairywrens and wattlebirds. On our drive back to Perth we’ll visit Sugarloaf Rock to search for Red-tailed Tropicbirds and other seabirds.

  • Western Bristle Bird, Western Whipbird & Noisy Scrub Bird
  • Western Spinebill, Western Thornbill, & Western Yellow Robin in Darling Range
  • Blue-breasted Fairywren & Brown-headed Honeyeater in Dryandra Forest
  • Western Yellow Robin, Regent Parrot, orchids & wild flowers in the Albany area
  • Varied habitats including 4 types of eucalyptus forest, plus heathland & wetland 
  • Drive through the heart of Australia’s ‘wine country’
  • Sea-watching from Cheyne Beach
  • Led by an expert local naturalist guide


All meals are included in the tour cost, apart from the first and last evening meal in Perth.


Accommodation will be in hotels and chalets. The chalets have two separate bedrooms, but share ensuite facilities. Those paying single room supplements will have their own rooms in the chalets, but will share the bathroom facilities. We use chalets for four nights of the accommodation.

Western Yellow Robin (Peter Taylor)

Western Yellow Robin (Peter Taylor)

Outline Itinerary Download

Day 1 Depart UK

Day 2 Arrive Perth

Day 3 Perth

Day 4 Dryandra State Forest

Day 5/6 Stirling Ranges

Day 7/8 Albany

Day 9 Pemberton

Day 10 Cape Naturaliste

Day 11 Depart Perth

Day 12 Arrive London

About the region

The Darling Range is a low range of hills running parallel with the Indian Ocean coast of Western Australia, and stretches for 350 kilometres from north to south. The range consists of some of the oldest rocks on Earth, and one of Australia’s major eucalypt forest regions occurs across the range.

Dryandra State Forest has around 800 species of plants including the beautiful silvery-white or orange-barked Wandoos and Powderbarks.

The picturesque Two People's Bay Nature Reserve is located 20 kilometres east of Albany and holds 188 bird species. It covers 26,000 hectares of forest, heathland, beaches and lakes, and the area was made a reserve to protect endangered species.

The tour ‘in a nutshell’

A 12-day tour in search of the endemic and other birds of the unique eucalyptus forests of the south-western corner of Western Australia.

What birds might I see?

The key bird species that we will be looking for in the Darling Range include such south-west Australian endemics as Red-capped Parrot, Western Rosella, Red-tailed Black-cockatoo (south-west forest race), Long-billed (Baudin's) Black-cockatoo, White-breasted Robin, Red-eared Firetail and Red-winged Fairy-wren.

Among the many bird species we’ll look for in Dryandra are Collared Sparrowhawk, Wedge-tailed Eagle, Painted Button-quail, Brush Bronzewing, Purple-crowned Lorikeet, Red-capped Parrot, Fan-tailed Cuckoo, Tawny Frogmouth, Rufous Treecreeper, Blue-breasted Fairy-wren and Western Thornbill. In the Stirling Ranges some of the species we’ll look for include Western Yellow Robin, Elegant Parrot, Western Rosella, Australian Owlet-nightjar, Crested Shrike-tit and Rufous Songlark.

From our base at Albany we’ll visit Cheyne Beach, home to the ‘big three’ – Western Bristlebird, Western Whipbird and Noisy Scrub-bird. We will also look for the Brush Bronzewing, Long-billed Black-cockatoo, Red-capped Parrot, Red-winged Fairy-wren, White-breasted Robin, Little (Western) Wattlebird, Western Spinebill, Tawny-crowned Honeyeater, Southern Emu-wren and Pacific Gull among many other species.

Anything else?

Dryandra is home to Echidnas and Tammar Wallabies, as well as the striped Numbat – a Western Australian endemic.

Wild flowers, especially orchids, in the Stirling Ranges.

If we are very fortunate we may see Southern Right Whales in the bay at Cheyne Beach.

Red-capped ParrotWestern CorellasWestern Yellow RobinAustralian Pelicans at Alfred Cove, Perth (Peter Taylor)Western Grey Kangaroos (Peter Taylor)Red-eared FiretailRufous Night Heron, Vasse River, Busselton (Peter Taylor)Straw-necked Ibis colony, Vasse-WonnerupGrass Tree flower head (Peter Taylor)Grey Currawong (Peter Taylor)New Holland Honeyeater feeding on Banksia coccinea (Peter Taylor)Blue-breasted Fairywren male, Dryandra (Peter Taylor)Fruiting bodies of the Shrubby Mottlecah (Peter Taylor)Owlet-nightjar at Stirling Range Retreat (Peter Taylor)Cowslip Orchid at Dryandra (Peter Taylor)Naturetrek clients with a Shrubby Mottlecah at Dryandra (Peter Taylor)Emus at Stirling Ranges (Peter Taylor)Emus (Peter Taylor)Carnaby's Black Cockatoos at Stirling Range Retreat (Peter Taylor)View from above Cheynes Beach (Peter Taylor)Southern Right Whales at Cheynes Beach (Peter Taylor)Southern Right Whale calf breaching at Cheynes Beach (Peter Taylor)Australian Pied Oystercatcher, Bremer Bay (Peter Taylor)Western Rosella at Pemberton (Peter Taylor)The Gloucester Tree, Pemberton (Peter Taylor)Peter the guide with Ringneck Parrots at The Gloucester Tree(Peter Taylor)Philip & Sally with a Bobtail Lizard (Peter Taylor)Our hotel in PembertonOne of the bedrooms of our Pemberton accommodation
Thank you for all the hard work that went into this trip. I saw almost everything I went to see and what we didn’t was not for want of trying. Thanks.
Thanks for all the hard work that went into this trip. I saw almost everything I went to see, and what we didnt see was not for want of trying.
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Tue 10th September 2019 - Sat 21st September 2019



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Thank you for all the hard work that went into this trip. I saw almost everything I went to see and what we didn’t was not for want of trying. Thanks.
J.H., Essex