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A 12-day birdwatching holiday visiting a variety of localities along the Gambia River.

12 days from £2195(inc flights) Land Only Price: £1995 SRS: £295

The colourful birdlife of West Africa is perfectly represented in the tiny Republic of The Gambia. As on many conventional sunshine holidays, this birdwatching tour begins at a beach hotel near the capital, Banjul. However, after introductory birdwatching in the surrounding areas, we head by road and boat along the Gambia River, stopping at conveniently located camps to facilitate exploration of the riverine forests and swamps. Egyptian Plover is just one of the highlights of this excursion but the long bird list for the holiday will include a staggering variety of African species augmented by Paleactic migrants in their winter quarters.

  • West African birding at its best!
  • Great introduction to African birds
  • Egyptian Plovers
  • Glimpses of Gambian village life
  • Tropical winter sunshine
  • Six nights at a comfortable beach hotel
  • Exciting wildlife exploration along the Gambia River


Included in cost, except on final day.


Tourist class hotels with private facilities at the coast. River camps are simple and basic although the huts do have private facilities. Both water and electricity supplies can be erratic at the camps

Egyptian Plover (unknown)

Egyptian Plover (unknown)

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Day 1 In flight

Day 2/3 Atlantic Coast

Day 4/9 Gambia River Camps

Day 10/12 Atlantic Coast

The tiny West African republic of The Gambia is widely recognised as an ideal country in which to gain an introduction to the diverse and colourful birdlife of the African continent, as evidenced by the increasing numbers of European birdwatchers taking advantage of The Gambia's unique accessibility. There is a friendly, easygoing atmosphere in the country and a happy combination of superlative birdwatching and a warm sunny climate make it an ideal holiday destination. We begin this exciting tour at an hotel on the palm-fringed Atlantic coast then travel along the length of the Gambia River, stopping at strategically situated camps along the way to sample the changing birdlife at each locality. The range of potential species includes huge Goliath Herons, Pink-backed Pelicans and other waterbirds, a splendid variety of raptors and such typically African beauties as Red-throated and Carmine Bee-Eaters. One of the highlights of any tour to The Gambia is the handsome Egyptian Plover and we will be hoping to see this confiding wader near the Senegal border before beginning our return journey to Banjul. With much of West Africa either in political turmoil or very expensive to visit, The Gambia remains an astonishing bargain for travellers and although many holiday-makers seek no more than the guaranteed winter sunshine, the more intrepid will find many examples of fascinating African culture in the rural heart of the country, where the latest European fashions and music have little part to play in the daily life of the villages.

2012 Birdwatching in the GambiaBirdwatching near Faracuta Forest by Ed DrewittVillage Weaver by Ed DrewittLittle Beeater by Ed DrewittHooded Vulture by Ed DrewittVillage Weaver with nest by Ed DrewittMamadou introducing Faracuta Forest by Ed DrewittMamadou calling for birdsWhite Pelicans by Ed DrewittHabitat for European migrants and the local birdlife too by Ed DrewittVariable Sunbird by Ed DrewittBirdwatching whilst daily life continues by Ed DrewittTermite mound by Ed DrewittA trail of army ants by Ed DrewittRiver Gambia by Ed DrewittHippo by Ed DrewittPalmnut Vulture by Ed DrewittMarabu Storks by Ed DrewittEd Drewitt Yellow-billed OxpeckersCarmine Bee-eater by Ed DrewittSunrise at TendabaGliding through the mangroves by Ed DrewittGrey-headed Kingfisher by Ed DrewittBlue Reef Heron by Ed DrewittGiant Millipede by Ed DrewittWassu Stone Circle by Ed DrewittNaturetrek group in The Gambia by Ed DrewittEgyptian Plovers by Ed DrewittHundreds of Collared Pratincoles by Ed DrewittRural community in The Gambia by Ed DrewittTypical village shops by Ed DrewittGambians travelling to work by Ed DrewittUrban sheep by Ed DrewittKoto Bridge at dusk by Ed DrewittOyster shells being made into powder for cement by Ed DrewittDato our assistant guideEd Drewitt and the bus drive Alaji
We got great views of many birds particularly the target species. I was very happy with the birds we saw.
West Yorkshire
I thoroughly enjoyed the Gambia trip and would particularly like to express my thanks to our guide, Mamadou, who was excellent at finding and identifying the birds and ensuring that we all had good views.
The success of the trip absolutely depended on Mamadou, who was outstanding in every way. Transport and driver also excellent.
Well done for organizing a birdwatching tour that was all birds!
It was a superb holiday and a great adventure.
West Sussex
The UK guide was a good birdwatcher and the local guide was excellent.
I saw about 270 species, of which almost half were lifetime firsts. The headline of the holiday was the first ever recorded sighting in the Gambia of a Hairy-breasted Barbet, unequivocally captured on film by way of verification. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and thought it very successful and good value for money.
Loved it, I’ll be back for more!! The guides worked extremely hard for us all and very much made the tour in my opinion. This was a deliberate chill out decision on my part that Naturetrek made perfect.
The leaders were exceptional. They combined and complimented each other brilliantly. Both worked flat out in the field for 10-12 hours daily to ensure that all clients saw as much as possible, noting which birds each person had missed to ensure they had first chance next time.
In all respects, the holiday was excellent, and I would like to particularly mention the excellent leadership provided by Chris and Sering.
West Sussex
Cliff Waller is a superb tour leader. Very knowledgeable and excellent at dealing with problems. I really enjoyed Cliff’s company and hope to travel with him again sometime. A real asset to Naturetrek.
A wonderful, memorable holiday.
I was 99% satisfied with this trip.
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Fri 26th October 2018 - Tue 6th November 2018



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Fri 25th October 2019 - Tue 5th November 2019



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We got great views of many birds particularly the target species. I was very happy with the birds we saw.
M.W., Essex