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New England's Spring Forests

Blackburnian Warbler

Following the success of our first 'Autumn Colours of New England' holiday, Naturetrek are pleased to announce the development of a new complementary tour visiting the wonderfully rich forests of Maine and New Hampshire in the spring.

The springtime in these large and diverse forests heralds the emergence of a rich and varied woodland flora, alongside the return of passerine songbirds. The array of wood warblers, up to 28 species, are now in their breeding finery and singing to proclaim territories from all around. The stunning Black-throated Blue, Blackburnian, Bay-breasted, Chestnut-sided and Magnolia Warblers are just a few of the gems to be sought out on this trip. Several species of flycatchers, vireos, thrushes and seed-eating birds also return from their winter quarters to their breeding grounds. Sprouting from the forest floor are several striking species of Trillium, Bellwort (Uvularia), Bloodroot (Sanguinaria), Wood Anemone, Clintonia, Trout Lily (Erythronium), Spring Beauty (Claytonia), Twisted Stalk (Streptopus) and numerous orchids. Most of the wildflowers are members of families familiar to British botanists and so are not as overwhelming as other long-haul destinations.

The itinerary will follow a similar route as the autumn trip, but will provide a completely different experience by replacing the rich colours of autumn with the fresh green growth of emerging buds and a background chorus of birdsong.

In order to confirm the running of this new tour in May 2016, Naturetrek are requesting feedback from clients expressing interest now, with a complete tour itinerary and costing to follow in the February Newsletter. In light of the popularity of the autumn tour, and small group size of this trip, it is expected that interest will be high so an early expression of interest is recommended!

To register your interest for this tour, please contact Dan at or call 01962 733051.